Era Of Christmas Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Era Of Christmas

All our Christmas wishes are heard,
Down across the blue oceans and to the hills all above.
Shells loving pearls sat near the seashore;
Holding sapphire rings behind
Gazing at the indigo sky paintings by shimmers of Christmas lights.
Lighting with Sirius and constellation of Orion stars.
Mirrors, as glitters dazzling lights reflecting their purity rising towards heaven's still
Hidden in the sand castles of shores,
Build by hands of love within.

Mountains became sacred, even for doves
And the refreshing winds reached thine face
Making thine heart sublime with
Moonlights and daylights guiding clouds enough.
You are the heaven's smiling prettiness sharing hope with twinkling stars.
Admiration for you, I nourished always
And it lived in my blooming heart.

He didn't tend to leave;
Without embracing thine past enduring phases,
He promised to live, even in the days of unspoken darkness.
Caressing your wounds
And taking away your silent cries and streaming tears where people lied.
Wrapping happiness in return,
He desired to see you smile
Won't you tell him, " It was adulation to see the sunrise".

A friend made on the Christmas day;
Walking united with you,
Even if you were not looking for a hand;
He kept a place reserved for you.
Even if you were late for the celebration,
He came first, to find a place near your seat
To hear you talk, to see you giggle with endless stories of snowy peaks.

Lining your purple gown with a silver lace,
He too was amazed and said, "Oh! She looks so gorgeous in that dress."
And I told him, " she is beautiful, even if she wore a coat or be cozy in a blanket, wherever she cherished her warm grace which made her dreams travel by the blooming boat ".

He gifted eras of snows,
He gifted sky full of stars;
I groomed mine alpine tree.
And my divine mantle piece was in gentle flames,
As I saw him smiling and falling for all bells and love for my arts.

The Nile became holy with the ship of Noah's Ark
Preparing for the journey awaiting for the God's blessings to shine upon.
Some shed teardrops in the river
Some held themselves when the high tides made their hearts fear.

The winter solstice passed his day
By wrapping his tender sparks,
The sun went near the south
And a little far from the north.
The fragrance travelled all over the universe;
The Carols were sang by birds
The woods were celebrating,
As their shepherd child was born on earth.

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