Escapade Poem by Evelyn Judy Buehler


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I never cared to do the dangerous things, and liked to play it safe,
But the strict bonds of ordinariness, can oftentimes start to chafe.

I always preferred to cover my bets, for I hated the idea of failure,
Like the early days of colorful gardens, when greys fell out of favor!

Since childhood I had been this way, for losses are not easy to bear,
Like a moon present with the golden sun, saying he won't go anywhere!

I was the same way with money, and very cautious with my investments,
Like sunset daily knocking on night's door, but gaining no acceptance!

Yet my friends were a different matter, being a somewhat wilder bunch,
As the wild cherry tree invites redbirds, over for the scarlet lunch!

I had known them all since my childhood, and did love them all dearly,
As the earth's seasons being so well loved, must do an encore yearly.

My pals urged me to be daring, and had even taught me rock climbing;
And I got rather good at it too, like June moon coming out of hiding!

We were sitting around talking one day, as we had done countless times,
Like the treetop rosefinch chatter, of rambling to temperate climes.

One of my friends was a mountain climber, and suggested we all try it,
Like sitting on lazy porches of summer, just to watch butterflies flit!

We argued back and forth awhile, then to my surprise, even I agreed,
Like the back and forth between bloom and sun, fulfilling every need.

My pals could sometimes get me to try things, they were such crazy fun,
Like up at red dawn with the moon, pursuing laughter in the daisy sun!

Soon we made plans for our daring escapade, to occur the next weekend,
Like vivid colors of a wildflower meadow, tending to clash and blend.

The day of our adventure wore blue skies, graced with a buttercup sun;
And we set out laughing and carefree, as is common when you're young.

We took the trail into the mountains, sure that luck was on our side,
Like noon sun is sure of his might, when shadows have no place to hide!

Soon we reached the base of the mountain, we were determined to climb;
And following our experienced friend, reached for skies of summertime.

The first part of the climb was easy, as our friend was knowledgeable;
And we played follow the leader, unaware we were headed toward trouble.

We were near the top of the mountain, and were resting on a wide ledge,
Enjoying the view and sandwiches, while living our lives near the edge!

We had just finished our lunch, and were in readiness to continue on,
When suddenly there was a rock slide, on a mountain bathed in saffron.

We huddled together and covered our heads, waiting out the unexpected,
Like deep purple blooms wait out the storm, feeling quite unprotected!

When the barrage finally ended, our handholds and footholds were gone;
And we could go neither up nor down, like red robin stuck in birdsong.

All our fine dreams had led us here, hopelessly trapped near the summit,
Knowing that with one false move, like bright meteors we would plummet!

But as luckily the ledge was wide, we lounged back in our scenic prison,
And saw the finest sunset of our lives, as cobalt skies turned crimson.

Then all of a sudden it occurred to me, that I had my satellite phone,
Not being much of a risk taker, I felt I might need it when I was alone.

My friends were happy and excited, that I presently held our salvation,
And I telephoned the emergency number, with an opening flower's elation!

We had to wait until morning, for they couldn't make the flight at night,
So we had more sandwiches and drinks, before sleeping in pale moonlight.

The next morning a chopper rescued us, from my most daring enterprise;
And I'm so thankful I was present, and I don't care for being surprised.

My friends and I were well matched, and had loved each other for years,
And I still enjoyed our grand adventure, like smoky sunset's souvenirs!

Friday, June 4, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy,friendship,adventure,mountains,danger,imagery,nature love
Photograph courtesy of mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
M Asim Nehal 09 June 2021

I added it to my favourite list.

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M Asim Nehal 09 June 2021

I really enjoyed this mount climbing fantasy with you and for a moment I thought I am experiencing the same feelings as you are

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M Asim Nehal 09 June 2021

We got stuck together and I took my parachute to jump and enjoy another fantasy. Well such poems are rare to found these days 100********

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M Asim Nehal 09 June 2021

As I kept reading, I thought I am with you in this fantasy and got stuck with no other way to come down, I took out my parachute to flow around. Well this was a thrilling experience which I really enjoyed. Such poems are rare to find these days.100*******

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