Essential Workers Poem by Jim Yerman

Essential Workers

This week we celebrate teachers and nurses…two professions collectively
I can't think of anything more appropriate than to thank them simultaneously.

For here we have two career paths whose roles are frequently reversed
as a nurse often becomes a teacher and a teacher is oftentimes a nurse.

Celebrating them together is brilliant…this is a fact we can't deny
If you are still a little skeptical…let me tell you why.

Both know a smile can brighten another person's day- it's a lesson they have learned
and both are more than happy to receive a smile in return.

They both know what it's like to be important and how it feels to be needed.
They both know once they touch another person's life…
then in life they have succeeded.

They know when to be hard on us…and when they should be sweet.
Both are tired at the end of the day after spending hours on their feet.

They both have days when all goes well and their patients and children thrive…
and other days, when they feel lucky just to make it out alive.

They remain calm in the face of adversity for no matter how loud we scream or shout…
they have seen and heard it all before…and we can never gross them out.

Through it all they never give up…they work, they toil…and they pray
for both believe that miracles await them every day.

So let's not forget to thank them both…for no matter how you spin it
the life we live is a better life with nurses and teachers in it.

It seems we have finally learned who our essential workers are
as this pandemic has encircled the Earth…
And now that we've identified them…
perhaps it's time to pay them what they're worth.

Thursday, May 7, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: nurses,teacher
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