Eternal Woman

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Translated by Yiyan HAN(c)
2008-01-22 (last modified 2017-12-23)

God opens a window
Of all the scenery that awaits you
Like a tunnel one can't reach its end in one's lifetime
How enchanting the erotic desire is!
The future is very bright if all isn't spoiled

Eternal women are the hope of this world
These moving blossoms are like a flock of running swans
O, beauty is everywhere, and the air is full of aromatic fragrance
With love for one's whole life, who wants to escape
Or who can walk out of this paradise on earth

O, the fish swimming in the water
Its smooth body is clean and milky
In the centre of the globe, on the wound of mankind
Flower is opening, flame bursting, and milk flowing
Like blood and tears to nourish time

No matter love is for whom is love
No matter the birth for whose child is birth
With devoting their body and soul
No matter it's a self-indulgent woman, a simple woman
Or a mad woman, she always is a woman to me

Whoever can't feel touched by woman
Ain't a real man, and won't be creative
Whether with fair or dark skin, woman is woman
Woman who dances with me, who screams at me
Or who is furious at me is always a woman to me

Eternal woman is being broken into pieces
Since money's invented, since the dispute of interest
The humanity is gradually degrading, on the way downhill
Desire and betrayal have turned into dreadful abyss

Eternal woman uses her love to unveil her elegance
If woman's naked body were truly adored
There wouldn't have been wars, nor rivers of blood shedding
Please we let each other's killing hands re-choose peace
Choose hugs and the most primitive way of producing new life

Eternal woman is the source of life
But has been repeatedly damaged by us
The mystery no one can easily unlock and enter
Turns into the gate of hell
Eternal woman hesitates due to sadness
A good woman of being wronged, storyteller of suffering
Has since been expelled from her home to become homeless

Eternal woman is the final home
The perfect womb, suffering from the ravages of war
Has been used as a tool of passing on misery
The life on earth is hunted and hewn carelessly

Eternal woman uses her final menstrual blood
To produce and feed the sin of mankind
And her own life to reveal the most basic civilisation
Love is the only goal the eternal woman has
Even if it's bearing a child of evil and conspiracy

Eternal woman, and those who kills for love
Who's killed for love, who's abused
Who's prostitute due to poverty, and who's raped
All need to be protected, and all are my women

Eternal woman is my woman
So are those who's simple and bright
Who's too beautiful to be resisted
Who's ardent and sexy with lips slightly open
And who keeps pace with the truth

My mother is a woman, so are my sisters
My daughters and my own woman
To love all women is the same as to love them
They all are fragile and all are treasures
That need to be handled with care

Eternal women prop up this globe
Even if you loved ten thousand women
And none of them loved and stayed with you
You should still love them and thank them
'Cause they let you uncover the beauty
The discovery of beauty is a great thing today

A woman who presents her body to me
Is the woman who presents the truth to me
The death of beauty is a woman's death
The death of compassion is also a woman's death
Each orgasmic arrival is the recurrence of truth

Eternal woman is the tempo of life, the same
For all human beings,and also the river of time
The boundless riverbed expands the endless desire
And lets the naked performers play the naked music compositions

Eternal woman is an ocean
That opens her bosom to me
Eternal woman is flower of rose
One doesn't know how to caress her won't know
How to glide and how to love outside of time and space

Once seeing what's in women's eyes
You'd know man isn't made for destroying the world
But for taking care of every thing and bringing women happiness
Woman needs to find a strong, muscular and wise man
Before letting all her mysterious secrets open

Without a woman at your side
Your life will be a mess
One ain't clear about this basic principle
Won't know how to speak and how to ask God

To find the eternal woman
One must bend over backwards, living an extraordinary life
And continuously giving, and mustn't plunder, rob, conquer or harm
The peace, quiet and harmony will then come

O, the eternal woman, today's your birthday
All the roses in the world are given to you as gift, plus a dream
May all your bleeding wounds be healed
I only call out your name in all the carnivals
Like the enticing moonlight
And a legend of both resounding and faint murmuring

Mankind must return to the Mother's womb
Have one more baptism of darkness
And wait for the judgement of brightness
If can't make a woman happy don't marry her
If framed a woman you should go hell
Death is the last honour for a good man

Embrace women and swim in their river
Let them sing and feel happiness
Let their eyes be brimmed with tears
Let them fly and become clouds, water drops
And rainbow of seven colours

Let them return to their river
Let them return to the grassland of carefree
Let them return to the blue sky
Let them return to their golden dreams
They'll show you millions of sexy postures and styles

Lust is lust no matter how immoral
Love is love no matter how sorrowful
Marriage is marriage no matter how awful

Women have nothing wrong, all faults are men's
Women's faults are also beautiful, and they've got every reason
To punish their men who have mistreated them
And let them go hell for the hundredth time

The judge is forever woman
That to be judged is man standing trial
Only after all sins are confessed, man can only be allowed
To return to his woman, and, with hands washed in holy water
to fondle her smooth, soft and moist skin

Only after getting rid of all violent behaviours
Man can be allowed to kiss woman's lips
Of soft pink colour and voluntarily open
O, I ardently love the eternal women, and wholeheartedly love them
Only the ocean full of love can let life sail through

Eternal Woman
Translation of a poem written in Chinese, as partly shown in the image. And this poem is written for all women.
Denis Mair 03 January 2018

It is written for all women and lovers of women. An outpouring of his heart's love...a soul-baring symphony. In this unromantic age, he reminds us: the eternal woman is an undeniable presence in our hearts.

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Feipeng Shang 04 January 2018

Romance still exists but it can only found by luck... :) Oh yeah the eternal women are rare in this world hence are very precious.

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Nudershada Cabanes 01 January 2018

If all men see and treat women as how they should be seen and treat as presented in this poemthen the world would be a better place for women to live. A beautiful tribute to women.10

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Feipeng Shang 02 January 2018

Yeah, the world would be much better for everyone. Thanks.

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Hazel Durham 24 December 2017

Wow! ! A spectacular, brilliant tribute to women, so tender, beautifully written with such understanding, compassion and great love! To judge a man's character see how he treats his wife that is the truth of any man's character! Original and a loving embrace of words to women everywhere! Thank you for sharing!

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Feipeng Shang 24 December 2017

Thank you, Hazel, for your liking. This is the very first long poem dedicated to all women in the world, as said by its author, and that all men can do is to love women unconditionally...... :)

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Dr Dillip K Swain 23 December 2017

A very precious and insightful write Thanks for sharing dear poet

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Feipeng Shang 24 December 2017

Thank you for reading. Cheers.

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