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Currently work as a Research Fellow (professor) at Shaanxi Art Institute, Xi'an, China

Feipeng Shang Poems

A Beauty

Translated by Yiyan HAN (c)
2008-02-19 (last modified 2017-11-03)

My Ideal Country

Translated by Yiyan HAN(c)
2008-02-05 (last modified 2017-12-24)

Man Who Plants Peach Trees

Translated by Yiyan HAN (c)
2008-02-17 (last modified 2017-10-28)

Once a peach tree is planted

Play Violin, Write Poetry And Love My Own Woman

Translated by Yiyan HAN (c)
2008-03-15 (last modified 2017-10-22)

Run To The Ocean Of Peace

Translated by Yiyan HAN(c)

Feipeng Shang Quotes

22 December 2017

One sentence can summarize my existence- Play violin, write poetry and love my own woman My life is nothing more, nothing less 用整整一生幻想世界 用一句话就能概括我的生存 拉琴写诗爱自己的女人 我的生命仅此而已

22 December 2017

We're the people who invent the kindling seeds and sow brightness We write poems on the belly of darkness 我们是创造火种的人 播种光明 我们在黑暗的肚子上书写诗文

Feipeng Shang Comments

Feipeng Shang 04 November 2017

Please note that all poems published and maintained here are translated by Yiyan HAN, as a hobby, who works and lives in England, UK.

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