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European Union Austerity Measures Inflicted On Greece - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

an interesting development...
an online censor clerk,
has learned, an innovative, art
a strategic censorship perk

instead of banning...
problematic whole book,
article, poem, attacking
austerity measures

a strategic strike intriguing...
a crafty innovative hook,
just delete, fine tune, targeting
precisely, paragraph, paragraphs

referencing offending...
sponsorship bankers bank,
austerity, measures, mince meating
Greece, Greek, citizens

a lie shrouded adjustment...
offered by Germany her allies,
austerity, leads to, internal deflation repeat
Greece, will regain, competitiveness

proposed solution a no-brainer neat...
suppose miraculously austerity succeeds,
actually, could deliver, deflation sweet
growth, nominal GDP suppressed, decreases

turns negative burden of debt...
will increase reducing Greek wages,
relative, to Germany, in prime position seat
Greece, has sacrificed made, 'progress':

private-sector wages fell 5.4%...
in the third quarter of 2011,
from, a happier, year earlier 12%
since, peak first quarter, of 2010

leaked European Commission report...
called for nominal wages in business,
economy, to be reduced, by a further 15%
during,2012-2014, exploitation finesse

will Germany accept...
undesired price of inflation,
for stability, political, benefit
of keeping, intact, pet eurozone?

upside inflation will to start...
with make happy Germans,
their wages, rise, right smart
inflation, adjusted, sensations

positives but ECB monetary policy strict...
catering to prime German desires,
for low, German inflation, verdict
put out, threat undesired inflation, fires

Merkel moved to counteract...
ECB monetary policy which might,
stoke, inflation, in Germany
cementing, certain, impossibility

of an economic recovery...
for struggling EU countries policy,
eurozone, adjustment, locked out by Germany
economic, hardship, elsewhere in the currency

block actually...
suits Germanys' export-oriented economy,
it causes, the euro, to depreciate
makes, German exports, cheaper competitive hot

Germany's unemployment...
continues downward trend to record lows,
German, select, financial institutions
scooped, the lion's, share tenderloin slices

more than 80 percent...
of Greek rescue package goes to creditors,
a huge, chuck, to hyena stalking banks
outside Greece, the ECB, takes choice slices

billions of taxpayer euros are not...
saving Greece their purpose saving banks,
shifting, liabilities, from European banks
to fleeced, targeted, European taxpayers

staggering slaughter public debt...
Greece owes foreign governments,
including, debt, to EU/IMF loan facilities
debt, through, manipulated eurosystems

increased by €130 bn...
from €47.8 bn to €180.5 billion,
between, January,2010 and September 2011
brutal, severity austerity, measures in European Union

imposed on Greece by boots German...
French leadership of European Union,
importance, of honouring people, individuals nation
treating people, with humility respect, compassion

is a lesson...
sadly not learned by evil men,
women, who prey, upon the divine
breath, heartbeats, dreams of a working class citizen

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Source article for financial debt data, ‘Greek government-debt crisis' from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Written in April 2012 on the 22.4.2012.

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