Even If You Placed Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Even If You Placed

Even if you placed the Sun beneath infinite coffins of gorily asphyxiating darkness; it still wouldn't lose an infinitesimal trifle of its Omnipotently blazing shine; the power to unassailably enlighten countless haplessly deprived with its majestically golden light,

Even if you placed the Mountain peak beside an ocean of ludicrously stammering ants; it still wouldn't lose a diminutive trifle of its unflinchingly Herculean strength; the peerless magnanimousness to sequester countless devastated in its invincible belly,

Even if you placed the bumble bee in the venomously cynical rattlers den; it
still wouldn't lose an ethereal trifle of its unbelievably insuperable sweetness; the celestial cisterns of eternal honey with which it harmoniously coalesced the entire estranged planet,

Even if you placed the newborn infant in the hedonistically truculent witch's cradle; it still wouldn't lose an ephemeral trifle of its pristinely impeccable integrity; the unparalleled charisma to perpetually charm the entire lackadaisically beleaguered Universe,

Even if you placed the fearlessly blistering soldier beside billions of spuriously delinquent lackluster lollipops; he still wouldn't lose an evanescent trifle of his unshakable bravery; the everlasting yearning in his soul to endlessly fight for his venerated motherland,

Even if you placed the idol of insuperably emollient truth in the gutter of
derogatorily pulverizing politics; it still wouldn't lose a fugitive trifle of its ubiquitously perennial righteousness; the pricelessly unconquerable Omnipotence that it granted to every soul,

Even if you placed the rose in the indescribably fetid pile of flagrantly rotting garbage; it still wouldn't lose a fleeting trifle of its timelessly impregnable scent; the fragrance of unbelievably triumphant unity that it wafted to every corner of the limitless globe,

Even if you placed the mother in the land of limitlessly cannibalistic and blood-sucking parasites; she still wouldn't lose a mercurial trifle of her blissfully invincible sacredness; the exuberant spurts of compassionately bountiful life; that she bestowed upon every organism born alive,

Even if you placed the nightingale amidst the unimaginably abhorrent frogs of cacophonic lecherousness; it still wouldn't lose a tiny trifle of its spell-bindingly enamoring voice; the perennially mollifying winds of symbiotic mellifluousness with which it captured every heart alike,

Even if you placed the butterfly in the endless mortuaries of invidiously crippling darkness; it still wouldn't lose a parsimonious trifle of its effulgent boisterousness; the colors of victoriously mischievous frolic which it perpetuated into every speck of the lividly bereaved atmosphere,

Even if you placed the sky of goodness in the dungeon of disparagingly derelict lies; it still wouldn't lose a capricious trifle of its unbreakably ecstatic humanity; the wings of panoramically undefeatable courage that it granted to every conceivable organism on this fathomless planet,

Even if you placed the clock amidst the gallows of horrendously strangulating and stony stillness; it still wouldn't lose an intangible trifle of its magnificently tireless punctuality; unstoppably ticking as the inevitably chapters of life and death; synergistically unfolded on the trajectory of the Lord's earth,

Even if you placed fantasy in the boundlessly sweltering and acrimonious desert; it still wouldn't lose an obsolete trifle of its unfathomably fantastic exhilaration; the mists of fabulous sensuousness on which it floated till times immemorial,

Even if you placed the poet in the mundanely matchboxed and cadaverously
incarcerated corporate office; he still wouldn't lose an abstemious trifle of his unsurpassably poignant sensitivity; the stupendously Omniscient ability to create magically mitigating rhyme; out of bizarrely decrepit nothingness,

Even if you placed the rainbow in meaninglessly vindictive chalk; it still
wouldn't lose a truncated trifle of its ebulliently fructifying vivaciousness; the profoundly unconquerably color and charm that it handsomely perpetuated into the lives of trillions orphaned and destitute,

Even if you placed mother's milk amidst the entire pugnacious poison of this
planet; it still wouldn't lose a disappearing trifle of its Omnipresent holiness; the divinely power to reinvigorate priceless life in the worst of veritably dead,

Even if you placed Immortal love in the hell of indiscriminately massacring
betrayal; it still wouldn't lose a penurious trifle of its insuperably royal embrace; the unmatched ardor to let mother earth uninhibitedly proliferate; for an infinite more births yet to unveil,

Even if you placed breath in the wickedly egregious graveyard of death; it still wouldn't lose a minuscule trifle of its incredulously blessing virility; the magically alleviating feeling sensations of life that it permeated; on paradise and pragmatic
earth alike,

And even if you placed God in the territories of the vituperatively sadistic
and diabolically squelching devil; he still wouldn't lose a small trifle of his Limitlessly unsurpassed glory; the fervency with which he had blessed life to exist till times beyond eternal eternity; and in celestial synergy with the everlasting environment.

Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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