Ever Afternoon Poem by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Ever Afternoon

Rating: 5.0

We were embarked on a fruitful mission, to explore a far, distant world,
In the halcyon days, since wars had ceased, like confetti colors hurled.

Our magical spaceship was comfortable, and it afforded stunning views,
Much like the lovely, luminous nebulae, endless night's colorful tattoos.

The passing stars told a thrilling story, that we had been traveling long,
Like a silver bird, patiently soaring, to rejoin the sweet summer throng.

I really missed my big family, and our flower strewn, so faraway street,
And an orange sun, and pearly moon, shining on the people we'd meet.

The neighbors, no doubt, were crisscrossing streets, with tales and pies,
And I was looking forward and behind me, for valued time literally flies!

I lived in the house of recalled smiles, like the far calls of evening birds,
That bring to mind precious, golden hours, in rhapsodies without words.

As birds still sang glorious mornings away, at the other side of jet night,
We had searched for a new world to inhabit, among stars, glowing white.

Within blackness we wandered, until we neared Zindora's two fiery suns,
And Zindora itself, ice blue and lovely, with wispy clouds, in deep silence!

Somewhat larger than windswept earth, with its breathable atmosphere,
It possessed fantastic, jeweled rings, sunlit all throughout a longer year.

With Zindora's yellow synchronized suns, a velvet darkness was unknown,
For 'ere one sun could set, another was rising, as afternoon reigned alone!

The weather was warm, there were hills and mountains, and odd blooms.
We never met a soul, when we were there, like a house of vacant rooms.

There were trees, with strange red leaves, and scrub, instead of soft grass,
But the most fascinating thing, was the strange way in which time passed.

Sunrise and sunset were golden, and all shadows forever told of afternoon;
And in the skies were ever visible, the fainter shapes of many, pale moons.

We found out the only life was vegetation, so Zindora was to be our home,
As lone planets, upon finding a glittery star, lose desire and ability to roam.

There was joy and celebration on azure earth, of the world so like our own,
Like suddenly meeting the love of your life, someone you've never known.

Zindora's humming with life since then, with very pretty homes, and towns.
We have imported earth plants and animals, so, trees bear musical sounds.

So happy with our new planet, we knew the others would be coming soon,
For after a long flight in endless night, we were in a land of ever afternoon!

Friday, January 20, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: couplets,fantasy,nature,space,imagery,travel,home
Photo by Pexels at Pixabay

"The passing stars told a thrilling story"… lovely poem, profound story. Top score, Evelyn

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 22 January 2023

Thank you so much for the compliment and the rating, Unnikrishnan.

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