Eureka Poem by Evelyn Judy Buehler


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I belonged to a family of farmers, we had farmed for generations;
And we were true to our land, as blooms loyal to sweet sensations.

I knew the fierce satisfaction, only derived from working the land;
And sometimes it delivered surprises, yielding more than planned.

We worked a large Kansas farm, my siblings, our families and me,
As creamy stars labor at vivid midnight, to tell their lustrous story!

By our combined efforts we prospered, like noonday sunshine gold,
Pouring down warmly and molten, like rosy wildflower days of old.

At times we faced tough challenges, such as the drought last year;
But lush nature recovers every time, reclaiming her verdant career.

Like dark night challenges day, and burnished day challenges night,
Until either of them is retreating, thus eliminating any need to fight!

In the middle of one opulent summer, it'd been showering for days;
And the fields were being sodden, and needed more sunshine rays.

Vibrant life can be a gamble. You must take the good with the bad,
As blue skies are oft seen beaming, although at times they're sad.

We were tired of being cooped up, and were missing summer's gold;
And eager for the green avenues, whereupon lately he had strolled.

The crops would doubtless be damaged, should it rain much longer,
As warm sunlight colors slowly fading, as night is becoming stronger.

Our world was deluged with water, as silver rain kept slashing down,
Tapping the roof and windowpanes, with a drumbeat musical sound!

I missed blooms and warm breezes, and riding my horse midnight,
Like an airborne sunlit redbird, is relishing thrills of a speedy flight.

We were confined in lengthy waiting, as nighttime waits for a dawn,
When the sun rises from velvet mists, in nouveau hues she puts on.

Finally the rain ceased its falling, and by afternoon we saw the sun,
Radiant yellow and shining fervently, and sparkling like a diamond!

After we had inspected the fields, we knew the crops would survive,
For the rain had ended just in time. Nature ever manages to thrive.

Robust corn was in the fields, and warm sunshine was buttery gold,
Saffron finch sang in the treetops, far above the orange marigolds.

Activity resumed on the farm again, like busy bees in a honeycomb,
Mining gold for their own livelihood, in the very heart of their home!

Canary was on the forsythia bush, and butterflies were on the wing,
Sunshine had penetrated the shadows, brighter days were coming.

Yellow star dahlias were all abloom, the magnolia butterfly as well;
Dandelions gleamed in the meadows, under dreamy sunshine spell.

Black-eyed Susans were blooming, quite cheerful after days of rain,
Like the smiles, very welcome, once you have gotten over the pain.

Golden trumpet trees spread the news, of the yellow sapphire days,
As lemon pansy smiling faces, returned the beams of sunshine rays!

All throughout the vast farmlands, great jubilation was overflowing;
And sunflowers bobbed their heads, as if they had a way of knowing.

The citrine days lay ahead of us, around the furthest emerald bend;
Like pure glowing amber gemstones, clear and lovely until day's end!

Friday, November 12, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy,farmers,family,rain,sunshine,happiness,gold,couplets
Photo by Sarah Clarry at Pixabay
Sylvia Frances Chan 14 November 2021

Your duty as a poetess you very well managed, Constantly best end rhymes and constantly covered with a golden veil 5 Stasr

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Sylvia Frances Chan 14 November 2021

The best way to work efficiently is to do the farming with all family members. Your duty as a poetess severely managed since beauty of nature constantly is shining in your poems. Fantastically fascinating!

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Kostas Lagos 13 November 2021

Your poems reveal the beauty of life! Thanks for sharing

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 12 November 2021

Another joy to read Bravo!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 12 November 2021

Wow! I brilliant poem! I could discover the great Archimedes' spirits reflected in this score.

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