Everlasting Beats Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Everlasting Beats

Sinking countless kilometers beneath the rock bottom of my boots; as I witnessed the insurmountably gigantic dinosaur making a final countdown for my bones,

Triumphantly bouncing towards a land higher than the summit of paradise; as I achieved the most unprecedented ambition of my life,

Freezing ruthlessly to worse than a cold stone; as I heard the overwhelmingly gloomy news; about the ghastly accident of my beloved,

Thunderously leaping out of my ardent chest; as I encountered the most fantastically fabulous of my dreams; serendipitously by my side,

Escalating like a tumultuously rebellious inferno; when someone rubbed salt on my nascently raw wounds; in the worst of my times,

Philandering through the tunnels of insatiably tingling desire; as I romanced with the mate of my dreams; as streaks of electric lightening blazed ferociously in the cosmos,

Paralyzing to a frigidly dead bone; as I witnessed gargantuan flocks of unruly mob; torch thousands of innocent alive,

Melting like a philanthropically benevolent candle; when the impeccable child caught my hand; calling me father with profound newness lingering in the whites of his eye,

Wavering in profuse uncertainty; as I had to choose from amongst my sacrosanct mother and enchanting wife; both of whom I loved incomprehensibly; and alike,

Shivering more painstakingly than boundless avalanches of condensed ice; as I viewed my benign fellow mates; being lambasted traumatically from all sides,

Slithering in ecstatic frenzy in umpteenth directions; as I immaculately unveiled each ingenious artistry of my bountiful brain,

Compassionately fortifying itself like an impregnable fortress; when I unflinchingly marched towards the path of irrefutable truth; with the palms of my fellow comrades; invincibly entwined in mine,

Shrinking to fathomless times of its original size; as I heard my name in God's list of those about to die; when I knew that this was the last time; of seeing my cherished ones alive,

Glistening to a shade more flamboyant than the rising Sun; as I made my parents proud of my conquests; proved it to the entire world outside; that I was equal to each droplet of my divinely mothers milk,

Dancing in remorseful solitude; as I knew I had committed the most heinous act of my life; as I knew that it was disparagingly hopeless; to reverse my quota of inadvertently performed misdeeds,

Forcefully fulminating to be instantaneously released; as I was imprisoned in the land of traitors; in the corridors of those who sinfully condemned God and priceless humanity,

Dying inconspicuously in its rudimentary roots; as I saw the magnanimous entity who gave me birth; being lowered down in her ghastly tomb,

And living an infinite lives in a single life; an infinite instants of happiness in a single moment; when it immortally bonded with the ultimate love of its fervently adventurous existence,

Was my passionately throbbing heart; unequivocally ensuring that I survived till my last breath as the richest man alive; a richness not able to be manipulated or purchased by any spurious wealth; a richness of its sacredly everlasting beats.

Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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