Every Moment Poem by Randy McClave

Every Moment

We close our eyes our lips do meet
Then my hand goes down your thigh
You let out a sigh, I feel passion inside
My want for you I can no longer hide.
We hold each other so very tight
As from passion we want neither to escape
We stroke each others hair, lust we share
We finally realize that this is our fate.
We kiss and caress seems like a lifetime
Many dreams of you then enter my brain
We then separate, a deep breath we take
Now finally in passion we are the same.
We are not old but we are forever young
As I see the twinkle and glow in your eye
For me you undress, finally joy I confess
I am so happy I just want to cry.
I stare at you as though for a lifetime
I am the happiest man in on this Earth
You're a masterpiece, which GOD did complete
For you I have written about and had searched.
I take you by the hand and pull you in my soul
I devour you as I am a man with only desire
You are now mine, till the end of time
And I count every second and minute and hour.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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