Every Word Poem by Randy McClave

Every Word

Every word that you had ever been spoke will be known
Every little deed that you had ever done will also be shown,
And God will be reading and seeing all of this
Just as he had saw, Judas's kiss.
Every bit of hate will also be remembered as thus
Including blasphemy, hating, swearing and the words to cuss,
And every piece of jealousy that was ever conceived
It will all be retrieved.
Every lie in every format will always be remembered
The truth unto God will always be rendered,
And when from lies and hate someone is proudly glistening
God is always listening.
Every word that has ever been said or spoken
That has been used to hurt the ones who were sick or broken,
And when you spoke about the poor and the weak
God was angry when you did speak.
Every time that someone had hated and judged and boasted
They will be remembered with every post that was ever posted,
Here on earth their words might had been believed and trusted
But in Heaven all those lies will be busted.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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