Yuri Starostin

Veteran Poet - 1,950 Points (4.07.1972.)

Evgeny Onegin 5 A.S. Pushkin - Poem by Yuri Starostin


Oh, do not know these horoble dreams
You, my Svetlana!
In that year an autumn weather
Stood long on a court yard,
For a winter is waited, the nature is waited.
A snow has dropped out only in January
On the third at night. Having woken up early,
In a window Tatyana has seen
In a morning the turned white court yard,
A curtains, roofs and a fence,
On a glasses an easy patterns,
A trees in a winter silver,
A forty cheerful on a court yard
And a softly covered mountains
Winters by a brilliant carpet.
All is bright, all is white around.


A winter! . The peasant, triumphing,
On a wood sledge updates a way;
Him horsy, snow feeling,
Trudges go run somehow;
A reins fluffy blowing up,
The tilt cart daring flies;
The coachman sits in a coach box
In a sheepskin coat, in a red belt.
Here the domestic boy runs,
In a sled having planted a dogy,
Himself in a horse having changed;
The rascal has frozen a finger:
To him and is sick and is ridiculous,
And mother threatens him at a window...


But, maybe, a such kind
Pictures will not involve you:
All it is the low nature;
A graceful it is not a lot of here.
Warmed by an inspiration god,
Other poet by a magnificent syllable
Do pictured to us a first snow
And all shades of a winter luxury; {27}
He will captivate you, I am assured that,
Drawing in an ardent verses
A secret walks in a sledge;
But I do not intend to struggle
Neither with him still, nor with you,
The singer of a young finlandess! {28}


Tatyana (a russian by a soul,
She do not knowing why)
From it cold beauty
Do loved a Russian winter,
On the sun snowfrost in a day frosty,
And a sledge, and by a late dawn
A shine of a pink snow,
And a haze of a christening evenings.
In their house these evenings
On an olden time have triumphed:
A servants from a whole court yard
About own ladies does guessed
And to them does promised every year
A military husbands and campaign.


Tatyana has trusted a legends
Of a demotic olden time,
Both to a dreams and a card guessing,
And to a moon predictions.
She was disturbed by a signs;
To mysteriously her all subjects
Has proclaimed something,
A presentiments has restricted a breast.
An affected cat, on an oven sitting,
Purring, by a pad soaps a snouty:
That the doubtless sign to her was,
That a visitors goes. Suddenly seen
An young two-horned face of the moon
In the sky on the left side,


She was shivered and turned pale.
When et a fallen star
On the dark sky go flied
And was scattered, - then
In a confusing Tanya did hurried up,
While the star still slid,
A desire of a heart to her to whisper.
When happened somewhere
To her to meet the black monk
Or a fast hare between a fields
Stole a march to her,
Do not knowing what do to begin from a fear,
A sad presentiments she is full,
She waited for a misfortune.


What be? The charm secret
And in the horror she found:
So the nature has created us,
To a contradiction she has a propencity.
A christmas-tide has come. That is pleasure!
A windy youth guesses,
To which is a pity nothing,
Before which a life distance
Lies is light and vast;
The old age through an oculars guesses
At own coffin board,
All having lost irrevocably;
And all the same: a hope him
Lies by a children's babble.


Tatyana by a curious look
At sunk wax looks:
It miraculously by a poured pattern
To her wonderful something says;
From a full dish by a water,
A rings leaves by a serial;
And the ringlet to her was took out
Under a song of an ancient days:
'There all muzhiks are rich,
Rows by a shovel a silver;
To whom we sing, to that goes a good
And glory! 'But a losses promises
This song plaintive tune;
More like a caty to a heart of a maidens {29}.


The frozen night, all sky is clear;
A stars heavenly marvellous chorus
Flows so silently so agree...
Tatyana on a wide court yard
In an open dress leaves,
For a month directs the mirror;
But in a dark mirror alone
The sad moon shivers...
Chu... A snow crackles... The passer-by; the maiden
To him on a tiptoe flies,
And her voice sounds
More gently a svirele tune:
What is your name? {30} He looks
And answers: Agaphon.


Tatyana, according to the advice of the nurse
Going up to tell fortunes at night,
Has quietly ordered in a bath
A two devices on a table to cover;
But it became terrible suddenly to Tatyana...
And I do - at thought on Svetlana
To me it became terrible - so and to be...
With Tatyana to us not to tell fortunes.
A silk corbel Tatyana
Has removed, has undressed and in bed
Has laid down. Over it Lel is twisted,
And under a down pillow
The maiden mirror lies.
All has ceased. Tatyana sleeps.


Also the wonderful asleep dreams Tatyana.
To her dreams, as she would
Go on a snow glade,
By a sad haze is surrounded;
In a snowdrift before her
A vigorous, dark and grey-haired
Stream has not held beatly by the winter
Rustles, curles by own wave;
Two poles, stucked together by an ice floe,
A shivering disastrous bridglets,
Are puts through a stream;
And before a noisy abyss,
A bewilderment she is full,
Did stopped.


As on an annoying separation,
Tatyana grumbles on a stream;
Does not see anybody, who a hand
From that party would submit to her;
But suddenly the snowdrift has move up.
And who was appeared from under it?
The big, tousled bear;
Tatyana ah! And it do to roar,
And a paw with a sharp claws
To her has stretched; she harded
By the shivering handle has leant
And by a timid steps
Has got over through a stream;
Has go on - and what is? A bear go behind her!


She to look back do not daring,
Do quickens the hasty pace;
But from the shaggy footman
Cannot escape in any way;
Groaning, the bear intolerable brings down;
Before them a wood; a pines are motionless
In own frowned beauty;
Their branches all are aggravated
By a snow clap; through a tops
Nude aspens, birches and lindens
The beam shines the night stars;
A roads are not; a bushes, currents
All are brought by a blizzard,
Deeply in a snow are shipped.


Tatyana go in a wood; a bear behind her;
A friable snow knee-deep to her;
So a long bough her for a neck
Will hook suddenly, so from an ears
A golden earrings will pull out by a force;
So in a fragile snow from a leg of the darling
Will stick a wet shoe;
So she will drop a scarf;
To up to her there is no time; is afraid,
Hears a bear behind herself,
And even by a quivering hand
A clothes edge to up is ashamed;
She runs, it all after,
And a forces already to run she has not.


Has fallen in a snow; a bear quickly
Catch her and bears;
She is insensible- obedient,
Will not move up, does not breath;
It rushes her a wood road;
Suddenly between a tree a poor tent
Around all is a solitude; an every side it
By a deserted snow is brought,
And the window is brightly shine,
And in a tent and a shout and a noise been;
The bear has said: 'Here my godfather:
Get warm at him a little bit! '
And in a shade directly he goes
And on a threshold her laid.


Has become up, Tatyana looks:
The bear is not present; she is in an entrance hall;
Behind a door a shout and a ring of a glass,
As on the big funeral;
Without seeing here a drops to sense,
She looks quietly in a chink,
And what sees? . Behind a table
A monsters around sits:
One in a horns with a dog muzzle,
Another with a cock head,
Here a witch with a goat beard,
Here a prudish and proud skeleton,
There a carlic with a tail, and here
Semicrane and semicat.


Even more terribly, even more miraculously:
Here a cancer astride a spider,
Here a skull on a goose neck
Spins in a red cap,
Here the mill in a sit dances
And by a wings cracks and waves;
A bark, laughter, sing, whistle and crack,
A human rumor and a horse top! {31}
But that Tatyana has thought,
When has know between a visitors
The one who is lovely and terrible to her,
The hero of our novel!
Onegin at a table sits
And at a door by a theft looks.


He will submit a sign - and all strive;
He drinks - all drink also all shout;
He will laugh - all laugh loudly;
Will frown an eyebrows - all are silent;
He is there the owner, it is clear:
And to Tanya so it is not horror,
And the curious now
Has a little dissolved a door...
Suddenly the wind has blown, ashed
A fire of a night fixtures;
The gang of the house has confused;
Onegin by a looks sparkling,
Behind a table, rattling, rises;
All stand up: he to a doors go.


And it is terrible to her; and hasty
Tatyana endeavours to run:
Impossible in any way; impatiently
Rushedь, wants to cry:
Cannot; the door Evgeny did push:
And to a looks of an infernal ghosts
The maiden was; an ardent laughter
Has distributed wildly; an eyes of all,
A hoofs, a curves trunks,
A crest tails, a canines,
A moustaches, a bloody tongues,
A horns and a bone fingers,
All show on her,
And all shout: mine! Mine!


Mine! - Evgeny terribly has told,
And the all gang was hid suddenly;
Remained in a darkness frosty
The young maiden with him-friend;
Onegin silently attract {32}
Tatyana in a corner and compose
Her on a shaky bench
And decline the head
To her on a shoulder; suddenly Olga enters,
Behind her Lensky; a light has flashed;
Onegin did ample an arm,
And wildly he by an eyes wanders,
And scolds a uncalled guests;
Tatyana hardly is live lies.


Dispute is louder, louder; suddenly Evgeny
Held a long knife, and in a moment
Denied Lensky; terribly a shades
Were condensed; an intolerable shout
Was distributed... A hut has shaked...
And Tanya in a horror has woken up...
Looks, in a room is light;
In a window through a frozen glass
A dawn crimson beam plays;
The door was opened. Olga to it,
More scarlet a northern aurora
And easier a swallow, flies;
'Well, speaks, go tell you to me,
About whom did you dream? '


But that, the sister not noticing,
In a bed with a book lies,
A sheet behind a sheet touching,
And speaks nothing.
Though this book did not show
A sweet fictions of the poet,
Neither a trues wise, nor a pictures,
But neither Virgil, nor Racine,
Neither Scott, nor Byron, Seneka,
Even Ladies Fashions Magazine
So did not occupied nobody:
That there was, friends, Martyn Zadeka {33},
A head haldey wise men,
A guessing doer, the interpreter of a dreams.


This deep creation
The wandering merchant has delivered
Once to them in tet-a-tet
And for Tatyana at last
It with isolated 'Malvina'
He has conceded for three with half-ooze,
In an addition taking for them
An assembly of a vulgar fables,
The grammar, two Petriady
Yes Marmontelya the third volume.
Martyn Zadeka became then
A Tanya favourite... A joy he
In all grieves to her gifts
And continually with her sleeps.


Her an asleep dream disturb.
Without knowing, how it to understand,
A dreaming terrible meanwhile
Tatyana wants to find.
Tatyana in the short chapter show
Finds by an alphabetical order
A words: a pine forest, a storm, a witch, a fur-tree,
A hedgehog, a gloom, a bridgelet, a bear, a blizzard
And other. Her doubts
Martyn Zadeka will not solve;
But the ominous dream promises to her
A sad many adventures.
A days a little she then
All worried about that.


But here by a crimson arm {34}
A dawn from a morning valleys
Deduces with the sun behind itself
A cheerful holiday of a name-day.
Since morning the house of Lariny by a visitors
All is full; by the whole families
A neighbours have gathered in a carries,
In a tilt carts, in a brichka and in a sledge.
In a lobby a crush, alarm;
In a drawing room a meeting of a new faces,
A bark of a pugs, a smack of a maidens,
A noise, a laughter, a crush at a threshold,
A bows, a shuffling of a visitors,
A wet nurses shout and a crying of a children.


With the portly spouse
Has arrived thick Pustyacov;
Gvozdin, the excellent owner,
The owner of a poor muzhiks;
Scotnins, a couple grey-haired,
With a children of all age, counting
From thirty till two years;
Province dandy Petushcov,
My brother cousin, Buyanov,
In a down, in a cap with a peak {35}
(As, of course, he is familiar to you) ,
And retired adviser Flyanov,
A heavy gossip, the old cheat,
The glutton, the bribe taker and the clown.


With a family of Panfil Harlikov
There has arrived also monsieur Trike,
The funnyman, recently from Tambov,
In an ocular and in a red wig.
As the true frenchman, in a pocket
Трике has brought a couplet to Tatyana
On a voice known by a children:
Reveillez vous, belle endormie.
Between a shabby songs of the almanac
This couplet has been printed;
Trike, the ingenious poet,
Its on a light did showed from an ashes,
Also brave instead of belle Nina
Has put belle Tatiana.


And here from a near posad
The ripened young ladies idol,
A province mothers joy,
There has arrived the company commander;
Has entered... Ah, news, yes is what!
A music will be regimental!
The colonel has sent it.
What a pleasure is: there will be a ball!
A little girls jump in advance; {36}
But to eat have submitted.By a couple
Follow a table a hand with a hand.
Young ladies to Tatyana are restricted;
Men against; and, being christened,
The crowd buzzes, to a table sitting down.


For an instant a talking have stopped;
A mouths chews. From a different sides
A plates and devices rattles
Yes a wine-glasses ring is distributed.
But soon a visitors gradually
Does ups the general alarm.
Nobody do not listens, shouts,
Laughs, argues and peeps.
Suddenly a doors wide open. Lensky enters,
And with him Onegin. 'Ah, the creator! -
The mistress shouts: - at last! '
A visitors does restricted, every takes away
A devices, chairs faster;
Calls, sits a two friends.


Sit directly against Tanya,
And, than to the morning moon more pale
And more quivering than a persecuted fallow deer,
She a darkening eyes
Do not ups: radiates roughly
In her a passionate heat; to her is stuffy, badly;
A greetings of two friends she
Does not hear, a tears from an eyes
Want to drip; ready
The poor is in a faint to fall;
But a will and mind power
Have overcome. A two words she
Through a clenched teeth said on the sly
And has remained sitting behind a table.


The tragi-nervious phenomena,
The maiden faints, tears
For a long time Evgeny was hated:
Enough of them he has transferred.
The odd fellow, having got on a huge feast,
He et was angry. But a maidens languid
Having swept up a quivering impulse,
From an annoy a looks having lowered,
He was inflated and, being indignant,
Has sworn Lensky to enrage
And rather to revenge.
Now, in advance triumphing,
He began to draw in the soul
A caricatures of all visitors.


Certainly, not one Evgeny
Could see a Tanya ashame;
But the purpose of looks and judgements
At that time there was a fat pie
(Unfortunately, too much salted) :
Yes here in a bottle pitched,
Between a roast and blan-manzhe,
The tsimljansky does bear already;
Behind it a guard of a wine-glasses is narrow, long,
Like your waist,
Zizi, a crystal of my soul,
A subject of my innocent verses,
A love bait violet,
You, from whom I are drunk happened!


Freed from a stopper damp,
The bottle has slapped; a wine
Hisses; and here with a bearing important,
By a couplet tormented for a long time,
Trike stand up; before him an assembly
Stores a deep deaf.
Tatyana hardly is live; Trike,
To her turned with a leaf in a hand,
Has started singing, being false. A splashs, cliques
Welcome him. She
To the singer to sit do oblige;
The poet is modest, though great,
Her health the first drinks
And transfers the couplet to her.


A greetings, congradulations have gone;
Tatyana thanks all.
When a matter to Evgeny
Did go, so a maidens languid kind,
Her confusion, weariness
In his soul have given birth to pity:
He silently has bowed to her,
But somehow a look of him eyes
Was miraculously gentle. Whether because,
That he has been indeed touched,
Or he, doing coquette, plaid pranks,
Involuntarily either, or from a good will,
But a tenderness a look sow has expressed:
He has revived a heart of Tanya.


Rattles a chairs moved from;
The crowd in a drawing room brings down:
So a bees from a delicious beehive
On a yield the noisy plenty flies.
The happy by a celebratory dinner,
The neighbour snuffles before the neighbour;
A ladies have sat down by a small fire-place;
A maidens whisper in a corner;
A green tables are opened:
Calls a fervent players
A boston and lomber of an old men,
And the whist hitherto well-known,
A monotonous family,
All greedy boredom sons.


An eight robert have played
A heroes of a whist; eight times
They places rechanges;
And a tea bear. I love a hour
To define by a dinner, tea
And a supper. We know a time
In a village without the big vanities:
A stomach - true ours breget;
And by the way I will notice in a brackets,
That a speech I conduct in my stanzas
I am so frequent about a feasts,
About a different foods and stoppers,
As you, divine Omir,
You are a thirty centuries idol!


But bear a tea; a maidens grandly
Hardly for a dishy did undertook,
Suddenly because behind a door in a hall long
The bassoon and flute were distributed.
Is pleased by a music thunder,
Rested a cup of tea with a rum,
Paris of a province small towns,
To Olga Petushkov approaches,
To Tatyana Lensky; Harlicova,
The bride of an overripe years,
My tambov poet takes,
Buyanov has whirled away Pustjakova,
And in a hall all go poured in.
And a ball shines in all beauty.


In the beginning of my novel
(Look the first writing-book)
It would be desirable kindy me an Alban
Ball of Petersburg to describe;
But, it is enjoyed by an empty dreaming,
I was engaged by a remembering
About a legs a familiar ladies to me.
On your very narrow traces,
Oh a legs, full to be mistaken!
With a change of my youth
It is time to me to become more clever,
In affairs and in a syllable to recover,
And this fifth writing-book
Of a deviations to clear.


A monotonous and mad,
As a whirle of a young life,
Waltz whirle did turned noisy;
The couple flashes behind a couple.
To a revenge minute coming nearer,
Onegin, secretly grinning,
Approaches to Olga. Quickly with her
Spins about a visitors,
Then on a chair sits her,
Leads a talking about that about this;
Then a minutes two after
Again with her he continues a waltz;
All in an amazing. Lensky
Does not trust to own eyes.


The mazourka was distributed. Happened,
When the mazourka thunder has rattled,
In a huge hall all has shivered,
The parquet has cracked under a heel,
A frames has shivered, jingled;
Now not that: and we, as a ladies,
We slide on a varnish boards.
But in a cities, on a villages
Still the mazourka has kept
An initial beauty:
A jumps at, a heels, a moustaches
Are all the same: its has not changed
A dashing fashion, our tyrant,
An illness of the newest russians.


Buyanov, the brother my fervent,
To our hero has brought
Tatyana with Olga; quickly
Onegin with Olga has gone;
Conducts her, sliding carelessly,
And, declined, to her whispers gently
Any same trite madrigal,
And a hand presses - and has flared
In her face ambitious
The flush is brighter. Lensky mine
All saw: has flashed, own not own;
In a jealous indignation
The poet waits the end of a mazourka
And calls her in cotilion.


But it is impossible for her. It is impossible? But what be?
Yes Olga has given a word
To Onegin. Oh my God, my God!
What does he hear? She could...
Probably either? Hardly only from a diapers,
The coquette, the windy child!
Et she knows a deceit,
She is taught to change!
Not in a forces Lensky keep a blow;
A female leprosy cursing,
Exits, demands a horse
And skips. A pistols couple,
Two bullets - it is more anything -
Suddenly will solve him destiny.

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