Evil Angel Poem by black broken heart

Evil Angel

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There’s a beautiful angel
Sent from above
But she’s an evil angel
The heavens call her love.

This beautiful angel
She falls from the sky
Looking for someone to torture
On the wings of a butterfly

This angel seems to find you
Where you may go
She lands on your shoulder
And love she does show

This angel is evil
She gives you love then takes it away
Leaving your heart always empty
For her love is never here to stay

This angel has hurt me
Many times before
So I’m closing my heart completely
It will not be broken no more.

Vampire Heart 31 August 2008

Nice poem, very unique, love how you express love through an evil angel, very lovely indeed

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Kelly Aragon 19 April 2010

That was............. AWESOME. Cool poem. :)

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Broken Heart 15 September 2009

great poem! ! ! ur poems are awesome! ! keep writting!

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Amber Vasquez 09 March 2009

your poem is grand i love it!

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Tiny Dancer 03 February 2009

I like this and can relate completely. However, it is when we hurt the most that we can write the best. Never give up on love. There is is an angel meant for just you and will love you through eternity.

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Chris Newlash 03 September 2008

Great poem, it suprised me ina good way when you called love an evil angel!

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black broken heart

black broken heart

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