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Forget I Ever Existed

i'm sitting here looking at it, lying there
like an elongated hedgehog too afraid to move.
i should pick it up and drag it through my dirty, tangled hair
but what does that prove?

Dear Death

dear death,

you came knocking at my door
saying you were a friend

Salmon Ella

salmon ella was a beauty
with fins so fine and graceful,
a swishy tail to die for
and her scales were really tasteful.

It Just Growed And Growed

i set myself a challenge
to write about the first thing i saw
when i opened my eyes....

My Glen

my glen majestic
quiet, green, fresh, fantastic
naturally mine

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a bit of this, a bit of that. an eclectic mix of cultures, influences, innocence / worldliness, opinions, artistry, and more....... what's this world for if it isn't to be lived. i'm but a grain of sand in the desert....

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