Nikhil Parekh

Gold Star - 6,486 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Expectations Massacre Life - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

It was only when you started to insatiably expect; that every stranger on the street would wholeheartedly smile; altruistically enshroud each dreary aspect of your beleaguered existence with unprecedented happiness,
That it terribly hurt you; when he unsparingly abused you; excoriating you apart like inconspicuously frigid shit; for ostensibly no reason or plausible rhyme; instead.

It was only when you started to inexorably expect; that the conglomerate of voluptuous clouds in the cosmos; perpetually inundated every emaciated cranny
of parched earth with enchantingly golden rain,
That it unsurpassably hurt you; when they immutably refrained to shower even an evanescent trickle even after drifting centimeters close to soil; metamorphosed every conceivable tuft of exotic green; into a graveyard of bizarrely disparaging sand;

It was only when you started to rapaciously expect; that the boisterously cavorting bee; would handsomely bless and enlighten the drearily lambasted roses around you,
That it limitlessly hurt you; when it acrimoniously hurtled right towards the whites of your impeccable eye and vengefully stung you; instead.

It was only when you started to endlessly expect; that the neighbor would chivalrously reciprocate your congenital kindness; unflinching standing by you in
your times of horrendously inexplicable and cancerous distress,
That it hedonistically hurt you; when he ghoulishly smattered every speck of preposterous dirt in his dwelling; with lethal disdain on your face; instead.

It was only when you started to unbelievably expect; that every inch of soil that you timelessly transgressed; would seductively tantalize and compassionately greet the haplessly staggering soles of your fatigued feet,
That it intransigently hurt you; when the ground perpetuated you to fretfully bleed and crumble; transforming into a battalion of cadaverously acerbic thorns even before you could alight a single foot; instead.

It was only when you started to tirelessly expect; that the very first rays of brilliantly Omnipotent Sun next morning; would miraculously mitigate you of even the most infinitesimal iota of your torturous agony,
That it tyrannically hurt you; when the mordantly main and viciously livid smog; hazily obfuscated every trace of light; instead.

It was only when you started to passionately expect; that the indomitably intrepid mountains; would perpetually sequester you in their unshakably peerless aura,
That it unimaginably hurt you; when they ignominiously buried you alive under an avalanche of incongruously untamed ice; instead.
It was only when you started to unconquerably expect; that the immaculate woman on the turnstiles; would invincibly treat you like her venerated son,
That it disconsolately hurt you; when she lasciviously crept towards you and tawdrily offered you her profanely sundry body; instead.

It was only when you started to unceasingly expect; that every wave of the undulatingly frosty ocean; would transcend you to above the realms of veritably
blissful paradise,
That it traumatically hurt you; when the waters savagely drowned you to the rock bottom without giving you the tiniest of subtle innuendo; instead.

And it was only when you started to unrelentingly expect; that the girl for which your heart throbbed more everlastingly than the corridors of eternal eternity; would irrefutably become the sole partner ofyour existence,
That it intolerably hurt you; when she came to tantalizingly kiss you every moonlit evening; and then bonded in threads of perennial matrimony with your most dreaded enemy; choosing you for the night and him for life; instead.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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