Eyes Of Silver

Rating: 4.5

I'll look into
your eyes of silver
your soul is mine -
to steal; to pilfer
your eyes are mirrors;
lakes of gold
your soul is mine
to feel; to hold
my soul is yours
and yet
can feel so cold...

Just a little side note - I don't claim to be an expert on the English language...i've never had someone tell me my poems were not good, but when it comes to symbols we use in language, like these weird things i dont even know the names to... : ; - (etc.) ...when it comes to that i openly admit that i suck! ! i have a general idea of how to use them to give the poem more feeling of how it should be read, but i probably use these symbols incorrectly a large percentage of the time! ! (i like to think people can use common sense, and that my choice of how or when to use these symbols just adds more personality to my work as a whole...) so please forgive me in advance, as i spent all my time in high school not in school pretty much! !
Karen Sinclair 21 February 2013

Hello ray. I like you missed a lot of schooling (relating to your foot notes) and I only started trying pen to paper a couple of years ago and I am unable to master punctuation.... A form of dyslexia I believe. Anyway on another site I put a few poems down and was slaughtered I mean totally slaughtered by some over ridged scholar types who never read what I wrote just tore into me for my punctuation. I was devastated nearly gave up and thought no I need writing as my relief and just worked what suited me best. Anyway back to your work. It is lovely and the the flow and as I see it symbolism of gold and silver expressing super adoration is just beautiful. I love the way when you hit the coldness of your soul it is a much shorter flow and seems to cut the poem short. Signifying to me an almost apology....tyvm karen

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