Face Reading Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

Face Reading

I have been reading your face..all night long

And I've been thinking a lot..to write this song

As you smile into my eyes, and you ask me to say..

What I'd been thinking of you all day!

If I said, you thought a mile, you'd say 'not an inch! '

And chaff to leave me bantered, and fly off like a finch

You said I read faces, and you were very true

How you ever knew that, I never had a clue

And now you seem to test if I can compare

To your face reading skills, which gives me a scare

Before I could read one word..so true

I guess I got read ten times by you..

Like an even open re-read book

With just one wide eyed look..

You pretend not to understand, my unsaid phrases

Hovering in the air, singing your praises

As you ask me bewildered to read your face

As I am lost for words to describe the grace.

I've a long way to go to reach your mind

As my angel of mercy is very unkind

And now as you smile, all I can do is guess

To read those unsaid words hurled from your face.

Words of yearning get dampened when said

So I wrote it on a paper and kept it unread

But lady..good lady will you ever know

I wrote this little song on your facial glow

Can you read it on my face, as I write this song

As I try to read your face all night long

Allemagne Roßmann 26 September 2012

A thought provoking write hereby...well done

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