Donald Yates

Faith Seeking Reason - Poem by Donald Yates

Yesterday morning I saw the gray sky and wondered in Heaven are there clouds? Will there be rain and if so will everyone get wet? Will I get cold on damp days or sweat when if it gets hot? If it snows will I need to shovel it and will my car never run out of gas? Here I experience His creation in a very familiar way, it touches me, sooths me, excites me, makes me sad, and gives promise. I am stimulated and drawn toward greater things because life is a challenge that builds strength so we may bear His cross.

If there is an example of faith seeking reason,
It is I who wanders from season to season.
I trample the vineyard to peer at yon sky
I see the lost and I hear their cry.
The earth holds my feet and my soul
it is dark and damp and very cold.
I beg for release I beg to be gone,
I beg for my love for the things that I long.
Is there a glimmer is there a way,
that I will see God one day.
For now I'll look, for a spark for a light,
I'll remain in Jesus I won't lose sight
I'll travel the road though it's narrow and long.
And throughout the world I'll sing his song.
Yes, I'll continue on in endurance
For His promise is my blessed assurance.


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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 11, 2010

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