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Fear of You
Fear of Me
Fear of Others
Fear you cannot See

The tree tops are Dead
and so are the Roots
It's the rain they Dread
also the Shoots

As I lie in my Bed
All these poems run through my Head
I should get up and write them down, Instead
I go back to Bed

The Men go out and Hunt for Food
Women stay home and make there Brood
Then the men come back in a good Mood
Only to get, both ears Chewed! !

I have a blind Friend
He's called Ronny
Ron's very Clever
We play Backgammon

One ear Up
One ear Down
And a smile
With half a Frown

I've lived in Amsterdam for quite a While
and I have found it has it's own Style
If you have an Umbrella
Your a real lucky Fella

In the heaven above was a little horny Angel
Now this Angel had been naughty, very naughty
And was going to be sent down to earth as a penalty
The angel would have to stay until it had learned it's lesson

I never went to school,
I havn't read many books.
I don't try to be cool,
get lots of funny looks.

Not being the smartest at school,
report cards made me feel like a fool.
The report was full of D's, F's, and E's,
my parents, I just couldn't please!

So you think, today might be the day
It might be, it might be not?
Depends on your luck, if it goes your way
or you could get caught?

The star's moon and the sea
My baby say's she Loves me
I will give them all to You
She loves me it's true

Theres a monster in my bedroom mummy,
with horrid big red eyes,
and daddy dont believe me,
he says im telling lies,

You must be very Careful,
What you Say
Cause when a word,
Exits your mouth

The best things in life are Free
I will assume you all Agree
But what is a little strange to Me
Is the Doctor's Fee? , or Is Death Free?


I have had my levis a very long time,
rips and tears, patches on patches.
25 years, of a stitch in time, saves nine,
so many different colors, nothing matches.


Everything has it's Price
Just like a cup of Rice
The things we sell are not New
But do have Sentimental Value


Hope is a nice word,
people use it a lot.
Hope has a deep meaning
which should not be forgot.

I saw a Girl,
I've seen a woman,
I will see a lady
That makes three

Got a stone in my shoe,
wondering what I should do?
Also have a splinter in my finger,
feeling a little blue.

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I really like to write Poems, I find it a nice release, and I like all the nice coments and Fellow Poets on this site. I think it is great, you all make me feel like a poet, I want to thank you all for that. Loven Kisses to All Dave, Amsterdam Holland And a Big canadian Hug)

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No Fear

Fear of You
Fear of Me
Fear of Others
Fear you cannot See
You cannot 'smell' Fear
Or 'taste' Fear
You can't 'hear' Fear
Also not 'touch' Fear
Everyone 'Feels' Fear
How is this Possible?
When you cannot:
Touch, Smell, Taste or Hear
I have a fear of not knowing the Answer

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Rachael 22 February 2018

Why did you write finish nature

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