Falling & Standing Poem by Whispering Rose

Falling & Standing

Rating: 5.0

My dreams have been shatered
I'm only pieces hardly gathered
Crushed with many expectations
Fixed with my own determination
The smile doesn't escape my face
My wound can't be traced
The bottom is where I crashed
The sky is where I belong
I'll shine among the stars
I'll stand again on my feet
I don't accept being this weak

majid Alsaady 12 October 2010

great.[the bottom is crashed/ fixed with dter....] the challange is great. i like that spirit. thou u r whispering but this is aloud cry defining. thakx 4 sharing the rose is always standing in the sky.

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Bert Bell 12 October 2010

Well done, Whispering Rose, I can really relate to this poem. It could have been written about my life. There are lots of people, I'm sure, who could relate to this well written poem. Very nice indeed.

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Cain XXX 16 October 2010

sweet! the title is very apt for this poem. to fall and yet to stand. very very nice. i agree w/ bell, i think a lot of ppl will relate to this poem. :)

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Darrin Mcmiller Jr. 02 December 2010

This is a really good poem from start to finish. I like the new style and the progression of your work. Tempted to say the whole poem was my favorite line, but I really like these two: My dreams have been shatered/I'm only pieces hardly gathered/ Crushed with many expectations/Fixed with my own determination The bottom is where I crashed/The sky is where I belong/I'll shine among the stars

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Kevin Carney 25 November 2010

Excellent poem, there is so much that readers can relate to. I love the way you express getting up and going forward. Your words express it all 10+

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Santosh Sharma 24 October 2010

Very nice theme, will to power and power to win, reminds me the poem king Bruce and spider, never to give up. Nice, enjoyed and loved your poem

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Adya Niraj 22 October 2010

its a nice inspiration for everyone who reads ur poem nice poem

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Menime Soul..'d' Ugliloner 20 October 2010

:) that's truly you..always be like that.

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