We Care In Silence Poem by Whispering Rose

We Care In Silence

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People are deaf
they cover their ears for not to hear
the taken life
struglling to survive
People are blind
They only see one side
People are empty
They don’t have the heart to pity
What others suffer
What their smiles cover
Of wounds that will not easily heal
Of scars that will never disappear
may be we do care about what happens in the world
but still, we never say a word
we care in silence
our silence murders all innocence

Pink Butterfly ... 29 July 2010

Great piece! ! ! I understand what you're trying to say. People are not that bad though... God made all of us with goodness and kind heart. Let's not stop hoping for a change. I wish you peace. God bless you always! ! ! -Pink Butterfly-

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Unwritten Soul 29 July 2010

Yeah i agree with Pink butterfly, people are not that bad...they just clouded by a lame stigma and perception, but how can we change it...it start from ourself, if we all change mean the world will be change...but how to change...poet, u can play one role for it..and Whispering rose, u done it bt just do continuously, let we spread love surround the world... by d way, keep writing and i like this 'new petals' on you!

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A poem that rings so true. Silence, does not only mean to be oblivious to all, silence can also be a hearts cry. The intent of the heart in silence can be carried boldly as prayer to God. He knows the hearts of men. Inspired write! ; D

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Bert Bell 18 October 2010

Hi Whispering Rose. My first attempt to post a comment seems to have failed so I'll try again. This is a great poem about how there seems to be an upswing in the numbers who ae closing a blind eye to the margenalize people aropund them. Instead of showing them compassion and empathy they tend to look the other way. It's very sad becuse these poeple too, need love and acknowledgement of their esistence.

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Bert Bell 18 October 2010

I like what you've written here, Whispering Rose. It seems as though people generally have perhaps unwittingly been caught up in 'self'' to the extent that they are becoming insensitive to the needs and misfortune of those around them. It's a very sat human condition that seems to be on the upswing. I think a good rememdy for it is for the rest of us to always put on a happy face and show empathy to those in need. Very nice poeme.

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Cain XXX 30 August 2010

a poem that engages some of the most controversial issues humans have to deal with. i quite like this poem. do we care in silence? do we care at all? are those that care in silence more guilty than those who don; t at all, because despite caring, they have done nothing about it? nice poem! keep writing!

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Excellent piece to awake those sleepy heads...who cares in silence. Keep it up dear..nicely penned.

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Darrin Mcmiller Jr. 31 July 2010

I've never known Evil to be quite in fact I started reading a book called 'The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want: A Book About Noise' so far it's interesting part of it is the 'politics of noise' and I say that to say this people will continue to suffer in secret, in private if no one is brave enough to speak against evil. We as a people won't get anywhere until everyone speaks out against all evil everywhere, but I also never known Evil to be inactive........

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