A New Day Poem by Whispering Rose

A New Day

Rating: 4.2

Lonely as the cloud in the sky
Everything makes me cry
Tears that destroy sorrow
And set the path for tomorow
A day when the sky is blue
When everything is new
With a smile i welcome the new day
A day that brings hope along the way


Powerful perspective my friend.

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Emeka Chunye 22 April 2010

Ur simplicity is all dat keeps me going, ur poem is just like a photograph u capture it and let everyone share wat u captured.

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Thank goodness for New Days, joy always comes in the morning. Loved this poem.

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Jinal Oswal 16 September 2011

When night falls and you are sitting on the bed, the thing that comes to the mind is 'Hope tomorrow brings in good things'. A good one :)

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Anil Kumar Panda 22 June 2011

very sweet.got inspired.liked it.

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Sufi Shah 20 August 2010

pretty days are waiting for us.......... rose

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Cain XXX 02 July 2010

how pretty. the next day is always the better day. :) liked this poem very much. thanks for sharing!

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Adrian Cordova 01 July 2010

a new beginning, strictly awesome poem!

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