Free Poem by Whispering Rose


Rating: 4.5

I see what you're doing
I can't follow where you're going
I will lead my own way
I will no longer, here, stay
I'll be the writer of my book
I'll be the voice of my belief
I will not be trapped in your dreams
I might fail, I will cry
but you'll never see me broken
I'll stand, once again I'll try
when I succeed, I'll tell you what I did
I'll share with you my joy
because that you can't destroy
can't you see, I'm now free
and I will always be

Unwritten Soul 29 July 2010

Oh whispering rose, u know why u have such wonderful scent? because u always let the negative go away from u...negative only bring bad odor for u...and being positive always make u beautiful and blooming this one! 10/10..keep writing i by using ur will call many bees(poem hunters) to come!

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Will of choice is so important. To have discernment and listen to our heart will lead us in the right direction. At times one has to make a stand., in order not to be ensnared or caught up in the neagative. A wonderfully written poem, one which I think a lot of teenagers could learn by! ; D

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Darrin Mcmiller Jr. 31 July 2010

I like it and I really agree with several aspects #1 you realize you have to think for yourself and voice your own beliefs #2 you can't live in other people's dreams, if our dreams interweve great, but I can't be a prisoner of another's dreams and #3 you realize you will falter and you will cry, but you will continue because ultimately you are free to do so. Free to fall, free to fly how YOU see fit, great job.

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majid Alsaady 28 October 2010

it is a great challange u can take. brave enough to be all sucessful.i feel u r able to do it. u expressed the challange in a very beautiful revenge / ne self ego /no hard feelings just a just challange.thanks for the courage u symbolize.

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Bert Bell 18 October 2010

A beautiful poem, Whispering Rose, about a woman taking charge of her own life. I love htes lines: I will not be trapped in your dreams I might fail, I will cry but you'll never see me broken

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Kevin Carney 14 October 2010

Beautifully written again. You have such a great way you express yourself.

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Cain XXX 30 August 2010

wow. a struggle most humans face: to go their own way instead of merely conforming to expectations of another. i like it! nice write! ! ! i hope you succeed! :)

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Marieta Maglas 11 August 2010

Well written... and well expressed emotions... indeed a wonderful poem

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