Family Poem by Colette Dright


Family is Togetherness -
Where there is hardship, struggle and heartbreak - There is Family
Where there is sorrow, tears and disappointment - There is Family
Where there is encouragement, love and laughter - There is family
We have seen tables turned, fingers crossed, roads blocked
hurdles hopped, mountains climbed, we have been up, down
all around, even at times knocked to the ground
At some point or another, we have been there for each other

We have had jailhouse visits and hospital visits
We have planned funerals, parties, marriages
graduations, birthdays, holidays and more
We have been through it all, yet together we stand, divided we fall
And although we may not do everything right
as long as we have each other, everything will be alright

Family is Spiritual -
Family members are to look after and care for one another
When God saves an individual, His desire is for the family to be saved

Clearly God's desire isn't just to save an isolated individual, but entire households. In 1st Corinthians 7 vs 14 shows how the unbelieving spouse is sanctified through the believing spouse
The most important family connection is spiritual, not just physical
Joshua 24 vs 15 says... but as for me and my house (meaning family)
We will serve the Lord
Families are stronger when considering the Lord before making decisions
There is power in prayer - Did you pray for your family today?

Family is Forgiveness -
There are times we may be a lil sassy and rude
And times we may have our moods and attitudes
There are times we may be distant and apart
But a family such as ours will always be connected in the heart

To strengthen our family, we have to:
Acknowledge, accept and appreciate

Acknowledge - when we are wrong
Accept - apologies
Appreciate - Each moment and each other

When we are mindful of the words spoken, a family bond will never be broken
Let's speak more words to build up, not tear down
Let's learn to put our differences aside and not let anger linger
(Please keep in mind, DO NOT BE MAD
NOT EVERY family member will be there for EVERY situation you will have
God will place those you will need to get you through each experience)

The conduct of family members reflect upon family honor and the way the family perceives itself and is perceived by others
Our behavior sets the standards for the next generation
In all you say and do, just know, the little ones are watching you

And yes, at times we may not have it all together
But together, we have it all

We are Family!

Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Love and forgive each other. Every family member will NOT be there EVERY time. Susie may be there during your pregnancy, but not there during your divorce. Keisha may be there for your surgery, but not there for your son's graduation. When your car breaks, Johnny may be there to give you a ride, but not there for you when you need money for your bills. So yeah, please forgive and understand, different family members will be there at different times for different reasons.So before you hold a grudge and be mad, be mindful and remember, you are not there for EVERYONE and for EVERY situation they endure.Each family member is a piece of the puzzle, learn to love and forgive them all!
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