Copy/Paste Poem by Colette Dright


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How much in our life do we copy/paste and what is the effect of it?
You can copy/paste pictures, my energy, my attitude, my emotions, my spiritual growth… but what is it about copying?
You have the choice in life what you choose to copy and paste if any.

Copying is reproducing, such as an image of what is seen, or it could be what you have heard. Pasting is applying what you have seen or heard.
I want to be productive and be a positive impact through my words, actions, strength, vision and prayers…

Ask yourself, how am I benefiting from copy/paste? What positive influences am I choosing to copy/paste?
In society, a lot of generational curses are from the "Copy/Paste Syndrome, " as I so unequivocally decided to call it. We wonder why our children are doing what they are doing.
Why at times do we fear creating our own brand of uniqueness?
Let's reflect on why we are doing what we are doing and why some children are actually duplicating our actions. It is because they too are afraid of the fear of uniqueness.

Truth be told, so often in life, in society, in homes, in relationships, on our job, and so forth, we tend to copy/paste the negative, more so than the positive.

He hurt you in your past relationship, so you copy that hurt and paste it in your next relationship, duplicating that hurt by taking a snap shot of that image and storing it in your memordex (brain)to paste at a later time.
Now you are in a new relationship and little do you know, here you go again, looking for the same signs and bringing that lack of trust, doubt, insecurity, hurt, rejection, disappointment and so on into this.

If the relationship starts off great, you (in your mind)are still guarded from your negative copied images, so much so, that your uncertainty makes you question if this relationship is just temporary or is he faking. So, you begin to screen and question his every move, because to you, he'll cheat sooner or later. You want to find a reason to paste, so you paste the pain and insecurities into your present circumstances. You start arguments, you pick fights, you are unhappy and angry, but why?
It is because we seldom look for the joy, the laughter, the fun, the sunshine… to copy from our past. How often do we copy the greatness, the beauty, the love, the smiles, the good times and sweet words spoken… and paste them? Truth be told, very little. Practically, little to none. More like 98% negative to 2% positive.
It's like this, there are times we copy the good and the bad, but we tend to only paste the bad.

Today, let's learn and begin to copy/paste that 2% positivity that surrounds us. Let's capture some new, positive images of what is seen, said and done. Yes, begin to copy an image of those moments so they can be pasted when needed. We can be the difference in turning that 98% to positive and that 2% to negative.

Ask yourself, what does your copy/paste portfolio looks like?

Saturday, May 23, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: positiveness,reflection,broken,communication,happiness,hurt,hurting,image,images,mind
This message was written by reflecting on how much I have observed what I call "The Copy/Paste Syndrome" and how negative things said and done are brought up as a reminder, more so than the positive. Why is that?
Khairul Ahsan 23 May 2020

Great thoughts, and a great call! I concur, thank you.

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James Mclain 23 May 2020

It's because the negative people are psychopaths.

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An astute observation on people's behavior. Very insightful and inspiring write. Liked the ultimate stanza. Full of positivity.

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