Faces Poem by Colette Dright


In the morning in the mirror, the first face I see
I grab the towel and wash my face to see a clearer me
I can see it in my face that I can face today
You are beautiful I say, before I walk away

Out in the world there'll be faces looking at you
There are green eyes, black eyes, brown eyes and blue

The laughter, the tears, the smile and frowns
The vision you see looking up, the sorrow looking down

From baby giggly goos
To the slobbing, dripping drools
From the chicken pox, the measles
The swollen jaws, the mumps
From the teenage growing stubbles
To the acne exposing bumps

The older we get we take pride in our face
We know it's the first impression
When we're in and out of a place
From the elegant, arched eyebrows
To the neatly, trimmed mustache
Keeping up with our face can cost some serious cash

I see a face that's deeply sadden
Brought about from life's situation
I see a face that's glowing all from God's new creation

Facial expressions can tell a lot
It tells how you are feeling, whether feeling good or not
Know someone will see your face
They're taking pictures with their eyes
So try your best to keep a smile
For expressions can't be disguised

Sunday, March 4, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: face
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