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Family Reunion....A Thanksgiving Prayer

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the house is almost full,
the rooms abound with chatter,
little feet are pattering away
finally, the time that does matter,

fervently with every breath of mine,
I bow my head and pray,
my cup of happiness is full to the brim,
such togetheness comes once in a way,

my loved ones are here with me
to partake of your bestowed grace,
happiness shows in every pair of eyes
laughter lights up every face,

mealtimes are a blessing of yours,
I thank thee for the food on our plate
the walls of my house, so cemented with love,
may the joyousness never abate,

soon the days will fly past
and each will return to their home, so far,
but nothing will dim the happiness of these memories,
nothing can be at par.....

happy times are what life is all about,
memories are there to stay,
memories of these times light up our eyes
when the children are far away,

love is what makes the world go around
love of each, for the other
love of a husband, a wife or a son,
love of a sister or a brother,

I thank You Lord for this joyous reunion,
yet another blessing of yours, a fine gift
may my family always be united,
may there never be friction or any rift.

enclose us all in your blessings,
enfold us warmly in your embrace,
keep my family happy and healthy
keep a smile on every face.....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Happiness Poems: 103 / 500
Kathup Tsering 21 December 2006

this great chance to reunion family, but your poem reminded me my family far away in home, the matter is my chatter, great Holiday and poem!

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Kelly Allen Vinal 20 December 2006

A wonderful and timeless piece, Arti!

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 20 December 2006

Now this is how the Holidays should be celebrated..You can't replace the stories, the cheer, the feeling in having a group of beloved people to share the best of life with...A fine job here, Artie...touching, heartwarm & priceless! FJR

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Shyam Kumar Rajendran 20 December 2006

Yours is really nice and hope to see your more in this site. its a perfect blender of feelings towards a family

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