Addvice To A Battered Wife

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of all the hateful things in the world,
one is surely liquor,
makes families fight
and couples bicker.
so skillfully it gets you in your hold,
creates miseries untold,
makes an idiot out of people,
false sense of importance,
grandiose aspirations,
lowered inhibitions,
agressive behaviour,
and then starts the dependence
the craving,
the slaving,
to get that bottle,
he is ready to throttle,
to beat,
to batter,
spew out drunken chatter,
and abuses, and threats
that dont matter,
and you look pityingly,
at the drunk,
and wonder,
at the weakness of character,
that so readily
submits to the temporary pleasures
of that bottle
of vile liquid,
the breaker of homes
the destroyer of love
and security
the rape of serenity
and peace
in the house
which you so lovingly have built
and you realise
its too late,
instead of cursing your fate,
its time to take the plunge
leave him to wallow
in the dirt and the grunge
make a new life,
for your children
and yourself,
no need to tolerate,
the beatings
the abuse,
its only a ruse,
for him to get his hands on another bottle,
to conifiscate your hard earned money,
for another drink, more and then more
the drink has gripped him tight,
he is too weak to fight
he is slave now to the evil liquid
to the devil's brew...
so run and save yourself
make a new life,
away from daily suffering
away from batterings and strife,
and you will emerge
a shadow, no longer
of the proud and valiant woman
God meant you to be....
but you will rejuvenate, revive,
be.reborn, alive,
So hurry, take the step,
let him be,
for the sake of yourself,
and your family.

Roseann Shawiak 28 June 2014

A wonderful message on the ill-effects of alcohol in all areas of life and how it affects self and family. Great advice on leaving it behind and moving on with your life. So many women just stay and put up with the abuse, taking away their spirits and self-esteem, as it also damages any children they may have. Very well written poem, thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Bri Edwards 05 July 2013

a shadow, no longer.....might i suggest a comma in front of.....a shadow..... instead of after it? Addvice To A Battered Wife...... unless it is a societal/language difference, i suggest ADVICE, as in the u.s.a. [i don't mind mistakes in what i consider a bad poem, but this is a very good poem and i think the misspelling takes a little something away from it. not much, but a little bit.] so skillfully it gets you in your hold, .....another suggestion: in its hold, not in your hold OR it gets a hold of you OR it gets you in its hold............but then you would lose one of your rhymes and i enjoy the rhyming a lot. there is a lot of fine observation and suggestion here. well done. but i do feel sorry for alcoholics, as i do feel it is an illness which needs treatment. unfortunately treatment is not always available, affordable, or successful. now to look for one of your NATURE poems. thanks for sharing.

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Catastrophe King 27 August 2006

Arti..... A very well carried message in a wonderfully crafted poem. I stand in ovation and cheer your effort. This is indeed an excellent read and your talent to build up gradually on the subject is amazing. Keep up the social cause.....

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Preeti - is here! 19 August 2006

Arti, how'd you do it? a great advise in a very well crafted poem! Preets

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Tranquil Ocean 16 August 2006

Wonderful advise in a beautifully written poem.

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