Fantasy Poem by Alicia Meyers


The blue eyes look into mine,
Pondering if he really loves me,
Like the way I love him.

I stand there without sudden movements,
No motion to our conversation,
Just smiling like an idiot.

Inside of my flesh and blood,
I cry - just wondering if he really loves me,
If he cared as much.

As the smile upon my face freezes,
The gorgeous eyes gaze upon mine,
As he asks me if I'm alright.

Again; motionless,
I just stand there with no response,
Just looking into his blue eyes and the world I would love to live with.

I wake up from another fantasy,
Drule on my pillow as I wipe it away,
And I view down onto my covers just wanting the fantasies to stop.

I want it to happen in reality,
For real and not just a fantasy,
I want to wake up and feel it for real.

As I get myself ready for school,
I try to make myself look cool,
So that he would notice me.

But as every day,
It stays the same,
He just walks by without no say.

Later on during lunch break,
I finally had my chance to say,
How I really feel about him.

He stands there without any other words,
But in the back of my mind I know that I'm just another crushed girl,
Just wanting to be with him.

He nods his head,
Leaves behind and I know I'm dead,
That I'm nothing and a worthless fantasy dreaming girl.

After school I hear him and his friends laugh at me,
Saying that I'm a geek,
And a crazed freak.

No it didn't stop me,
It was just a minor bump on the road,
But I knew he didn't like me anyways so I stopped with the insanity.

Unexpectedly on the next day of school,
He pulled me away from class as if we were cool,
He said that he had something to tell me.

I thought he was just going to taunt me,
But he turned out to be pretty sweet,
All he said was that he loved me.

At first I pondered if he was joking,
Or if I was in a dream with fantasies,
But he said he wasn't.

His lips then kissed mine,
Our fingers entwined,
Leaving me my last saying fine.

The blue eyes look into mine,
I knew that he really loves me,
Like the way I love him.

Subodh Pandey 30 May 2012

A nice potrayal alice

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Unwritten Soul 26 May 2012

It a nice and filled with realistic appearance you write here, cool and pretty work, this Fantasy is truly nice one by you_Unwritten Soul

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Alicia Meyers

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