Fascination Poem by yellowbell alamanda


Sinbad of my dark night
bring me to your voyages
let me see how you connect
to the sun and the moon
how you fight the snow and hail
until the stars guided you to home.

Allow me to read those signs
that you've written to your skin
what's behind your eyes
that made me sink to your melody.
When your voice invaded my emptiness,
my world in a voiceless scream.

Knowing you is like changing colors;
sliding from my rainbow to yours
that has more than eight colors
while mine has only two.
I don't know how it happened
that I am in gray or white
to your shades of neon
glistening in the dark.

It's like swimming
from the shallow into the deep,
Captivated by your personality
that I can't decode.
Drag me out from this
skepticism and denial
put the sloe on my palm
I won't mind how it taste
I wanna touch that black thorn
of your mask.

You appeared in my dreams...
a periphery, a phantom
that made me regret
when the sun breaks in.
With my mind opened
teasing me to run...
run to the kingdom of make believe.
Silly, I could feel you skin to skin
staring at each others eyes
I could swear to stay
hypnotized by your lens.

I'm watching you soaring
against this world
like a shooting star, so brilliant
like a comet with a blinding brightness,
a supernova.
my galaxy.
When your beauty strikes
to your gazers
it kills a thousand hearts.

yellowbell alamanda.

Rosalinda Martinez 29 November 2010

So appealing! Thanks for sharing.

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