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My Little One

Why are you crying, afraid of what?
Cheer up, don't be forgetful like that!
For I am with you, where you are
never let you down even I'm far.

Poems And Songs

Before, there was me and you
you composed music
I wrote poem.
Whenever the clouds was gray

Someday In The Stream

If we could go back
to where we've been
if we could remember
those days we dreamed of someday

Good To Die

Is it good to die,
when you knew where you lie,
or when you knew where you go.
is it good to die

Singing With The Rain

Then the sound of the rain
Became my song,
It's supposed to feel good
As it wash my pain.

Summer Girls

When the sun rise
Dont let the time flies,
dont try to ignore, dont be bore
It's time to get up our sleepy heart

Forever Wishes

To be in your heart
to be where you are...
to hear the words of love
to feel the beat of your heart

The Dot

I'm just a dot, oh lord
nothing to show with proud.
Afraid to step, afraid tho cheer,
am I that small enough to fear?

Love Letters

I set the fire
to burn the box of memories
where all about you are there
that I'd always been kept.

I Feel Your Pain

I feel your pain,
when they left you alone.
when they judge you
and they won.

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