Singing With The Rain Poem by yellowbell alamanda

Singing With The Rain

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Then the sound of the rain
Became my song,
It's supposed to feel good
As it wash my pain.
Now I'm standing here
shed my crashing soul,
I envied that blue bird
Flying away to somewhere.

Oh, how I wish
My wings are wet right now
never minding
When will the sky stop from crying
Because for me it feels comforting
I'm not waiting
To this unwanted feeling
That don't seem to vanish.

The wind is whistling
My heart is dancing
My tears are frozen
My throat is aching.

The rain streamed down
And I am drowning,
Not to it's flood that rising
But to this lyrical cries
I'm waiting to subside,
Suppressing is just a hard try.

Will you listen
If I stand by your side?
Will you hush me
When you hear me sob,
Or walk away like a snob?
Well, I don't mind
I'll go to each fall,
While it wont stop pouring
You will hear the sky with me
together, under the rain
We sing.


Ency Bearis 24 October 2011

Great concept about the rain, eloquently written in lyrical way. Rain has such influence to person much more if you interprete it emotionally, like the poem of mine - Gentle Rain - you can read it if you are interested. Such a very nice subject to write on poetically.

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Asif Andalib 11 October 2011

Rain really makes us emotional. It's a beautiful sad love poem. Thanks for sharing.

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