Anela Mrubata

Father And Son: When Will It End?

Okay! I've had enough of this. I'm stopping this sh*t.
You're no longer welcomed here, don't even try to come in.
What's happening here? Why are my stuff on the floor?
Move out of my way and stop blocking this door!
(Pushes his son out of the way)
We have no food to eat and you're always taking a rest.
Everyday you're drunk, can't you see you're causing more stress?
Mom cries all night. I see the pain when she kneels.
It fills me with rage and I swear I will kill...

What? You a man now so you think you can take care of your mom?
Well, son if you're thinking that then you're totally wrong
I work hard everyday, I bleed and I sweat.
You ungreatful little swine, who you threatening with death?

I'm more of a man than you'll ever be
Woman-beater! That's only a coward I see
Who do you work for? Mother's lying there sick!
You're never here but always walking drunk on the streets.

I'm your father! You watch how you speak!
Father? You don't even know what that means
What have you done for us? My sisters and me?
I'm the boss around here and i've done a lot for you three!

You better leave now, this is your last warning!
Then what are you waiting for? The cops? Well, you can quit stalling.
No one's here to help... Can't you see there's no one?
I'm not playing around... Tonight you'll die by your own gun...
(Pulls out a pistol and cocks it)

Relax... Calm down and put that away boy
I know this is serious but that's not a toy
Oh! Now you're quiet. I'm guessing all's well
You've caused us enough heartache. I hope you enjoy hell...
(2 gun shots...)

(NB! The brackets aren't part of the poem but are only a guideline to help the reader understand the poem further more)

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Poem Edited: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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