poet Lawrence S. Pertillar

Lawrence S. Pertillar

Feathered Flaunted Tails

A diseasing of truth.
Once known kept to value.
Pulled and severed,
Away from its treasured roots.
Has produced,
More choosing to live in denial.
Done to do to dig,
Deeper holes.
To bury their heads in them.

Remarkably enough,
After watching and taking notes...
How Ostriches do this.
With a doing to flaunt,
Their feathered tails.
And still manage to impress others,
Watching as if...
Too amazed into a daze to notice,
Many strutting around like Peacocks.

This to observe.
And kept to reminisce.
Could be why a grown spoiled man,
Sitting high in a position...
Of unquestionable leadership.
Can not forget as a child,
An image that sticks to pain.
Of a leaving popcorn loving Pigeons,
Doing their best to share it...
With those who are Peacocks,
Struggling to keep...
Their faith and hope alive.
During the absence,
Of familiar attention to them given.

"Where is the leader,
Of 'All' leaders to have ever led! ? "

He's upset about some childhood thing.
That he claims happened,
When throwing popcorn to pigeons.
In Central Park.
He had headdress made,
From Peacock feathers.
As a Halloween costume.
To have been laughed at by those,
Wearing Ostrich feathers.
Pretending they were Turkeys.-

He's a grown man.
Claiming to be rich.
A genius.
And sitting at the pinnacle of leadership."

-Will you lower your voice.
He has been negotiating,
With the Attorney General...
To have them all arrested.-

Arrested for what? "

-Shaking the wrong tail feathers.
To do to purposely mock him.
And the Pigeons sharing their popcorn,
With the Ostriches burying heads...
Flaunting their real tails.
And what he did to do...
No one paid him any attention.-

"For 'that'...
Everyone on Earth is made to suffer? "

-I was always told...
Be not judge nor jury.-

Topic(s) of this poem: attraction, envy, jealousy

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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