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Feeling Proud Of My Motherland

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India is also called a golden bird,
because of it's greatest history we have heard.
It is a partitioned nation with largest democracy,
This is the land of diversity,
The country of divisions, but the next super power!
The emerging giant, the sleeping Tiger! ! !
And as she changes constantly,
we, the citizens of India became a part of her story, insistently.
we must stand by her as she tries to fix her flaws,
as she falls, picks herself up and dusts herself off,

we shall help her prepare. for we know now
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: patriotic
Dr Antony Theodore 12 May 2017

The golden bird, history, democracy, diversity, so let us free her from corruption, caste system like whips to see beautiful smile on her lips. This final theme was really very fine and a great need of our society.. thank you dear poetess for your insight…. Love your poem tony

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Bharati Nayak 13 November 2015

Loving motherland is like loving our own mother.When heart is full with patriotic feelings, one loves its people and try to protect it from enemy, be it any physical force from outside or any thing that erodes the social fabric like corruption, cast system or religious division. Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem and for your love for motherland.

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thank u madam for your valuable comment

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Jaishree Nair 11 November 2015

The love for the motherland is evident in the lines.A great tribute to India.Thanksy

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not just i love my motherland i'l die 4 it........not just love but everything! ! ! thanks 4 reading my poem

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Rajnish Manga 11 November 2015

Every one driven by patriotism would agree with your words in toto. One day India has to take its coveted place in the comity of nations through change of our mindset towards social ills and evils. Thanks for sharing the poem. A quote from the poem. that future has her name written on it tomorrow, so let us free her from corruption, caste system like whips

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thank u not for reading my poem but for getting involved in it thank u

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Kumarmani Mahakul 11 November 2015

India is having greatest history of rich heritage and really a golden nation. Having affection for motherland is grate and this poem is a nice tribute to nation. Fantastic sharing and wisely drafted patriotic poem....10

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thanks for reading n commenting on my poem

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