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She sat on the chair,
Half inclined to turn and run,
The white reflected in the mirror
Her tresses golden and amber.

Never realised that writing poetry
Could be so fulfilling;
All you need-a pen and paper
To vent out emotions overflowing.

Waving she stood on the threshold,
her husband and children on the road,
her elder to competition quiz,
blessed her with a smile whiz.

Cupid's invisible arrow poised
to pour out the potions of love
into the unwary souls of the destined
And change their lives forever..

Reminiscing down the memory lane....
The years loom up to flash back..
the beats of time gone by,
The many ups and downs that we had seesawed,


Saree- a traditional Indian attire;
to enhance fragility and femininity at its best;
for the sexiest form of homo sapiens!
Yards of soft woven thread-

He didn't ask for a feast of delicacies...
Just a mouthful to quieten his rumbling belly, .
The pangs of hunger spreading fire
burning a hole in his blurred vision of better self.

A girl intelligent,
Inquisitive by nature;
Answers to questions unlimited-
She expected from mom always! !


I am a three legged chair placed
in a corner,
unwanted, handicapped and
unnoticed in an auditorium...

Just an ordinary class room,
the ground floor room,
to the extreme west
of a cbse affiliated nest.

Got up
On the wrong side of the bed;
Feeling of foreboding;
Trifle uncomfortable;

My father -man of few words,
lovable he was for most,
insisted on the best for us
his two little princesses.

Behind the curtain of darkness;
Silhouetted by ghostly weirdness;
Innocence of childhood bruised;
The wailings of torture suffused;

Tossing and turning she lay wide awake;
It was past midnight
Sleep had eluded her that night
Ticking of the clock loud in the night

With pride in my stride,
With grace in my dignity,
I claim with all my might,
Yes, a teacher, a social builder, I am!

If I had a brother
to wipe my tears dry;
so dejected I would not have felt-
For alone I have cried many a time!

A shelter zone,
for a few social builders
on the first floor
of an academic institution.

She waited anxiously,
Its the time of advent,
the return of her beloved
who had left in a huff.

An institution in the name of a great saint,
Affiliated to the central board of secondary education,
The origin of many professional geniuses;
Scattered all over the world.

I searched for it here and there
I could not find it anywhere
I asked my friends
They shrugged indifferently

Jaishree Nair Biography

Iam a teacher. The HOD of the English department of a CBSE school in Kerala.I handle English for the senior secondary. I love my job.I have penned articles for various magazines. I love writing poems.I have published a book and thinking of publishing another one in the near future.Basically I am simple; and a very down to earth person.I am highly sentimental and this had sometimes created many problems in my life. I give priority to relationships and I think life is to enjoy not brood over the past or worry about the future. Live in the present is my motto. Brought up in Bangalore; I'm now settled in Kerala. I feel a teacher's job is the best in the world.The spark of enlightenment ignited when you impart knowledge is thrilling beyond words.)

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She sat on the chair,
Half inclined to turn and run,
The white reflected in the mirror
Her tresses golden and amber.

She felt a moment of hesitation,
Should she, or shouldn't she?
The final word given,
She waited for the cold blade.

Snip, snip, snip went the scissors
The tresses fell all around.
Long, brown shiny with a tint of gold,
She closed her eyes cold.

She opened and stared
Shocked-a stranger in the mirror?
Faint memory of a writer's childhood fear
Shingled hair-sign of cowardice?

She dreaded going out,
A familiar face staring?
Mocking or shocked?
She wondered.

She reached home,
Mom welcomed her with a smile,
She burst out with tears of regret,
Mother smiled and said,
It will grow, my love!

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Akhtar Jawad 23 March 2015

jaishree Nair is a different poetess having an unique style.

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Raji mohandas 03 March 2018

Too good,keep writing

4 0 Reply
Shaheer 04 March 2018

Madam, ur poems has life wth magical words. Continue writing.

4 0 Reply
Faris Hamza 28 February 2018

Your poems are really meaningful and of different style. I am very proud to be your student.

3 0 Reply
Raji mohandas 03 March 2018

Nice poem ,keep writing

3 0 Reply
Jison.S 26 December 2022

Wow ma'am your

2 0 Reply
Abel John Philip 24 June 2022

Good ma'am, keep writing 🙂🙂🙂🙏❤️

3 0 Reply
janvi sreejith 11 February 2022


4 0 Reply
Keerthi Rajendranathan 25 February 2019

So much life and emotions in these lines..looking forward for more..

1 0 Reply
Raji mohandas 25 February 2019

Super,all your poems superb .keep writing

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Jaishree Nair Quotes

To forget manly To forgive Godly

Dissatisfaction rules out happiness

Even a seed has to stay buried for sometime to become a big tree

Distance yourselves from negative thinkers..

The more civilized you are, the more humble you become

Humility and Respect are the foundation of Education

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Jaishree Nair Popularity

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