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When you are alone,
single, deserted or lonely at home
when the climate is silent and calm without any sound
or when you feel that there is no one around,

At birth our life is like a plain canvas
and our potential is the colours,
Our decisions is the sketch
our will power is the paint brush,

where affection and care are weighed in kilos and grams,
problems are magnified by lens,
and faults are counted in numbers
where happiness is sold for compromises

I feel myself as a renowned princess,
whenever you talk to me.
I feel myself as a crowned Queen,
every time you make me feel special,

India is also called a golden bird,
because of it's greatest history we have heard.
It is a partitioned nation with largest democracy,
This is the land of diversity,

You are your friend,
when you inspire yourself constantly.
you are your own enemy
When your positive thoughts come to an end.

A cup jealousy,
when kneaded with sorrow and depression,
then mixed wih envy
is the initial step of preparation.

When frozen thoughts melt,
and come out as tears
When affection becomes precipitate
because of bond with friends for years.

i wish my heart is a flower,
so that the fragrance of my feelings can reach you,
I wish my mind is a butterfly
so that my thoughts can fly and reach you,

Give me the password of your heart,
I shall enter your life and compute your thoughts,
Then scan your feelings.
Give me a chance to process your mind

Same like everybody, i come to this world crying,
but i wonder why people cry looking at me?
They pray and worship every Goddess,
but consider their daughter as stress!

Our dearest teacher, more better to say our favorite teacher,
More a mother to us you are and feel us important than other,
forever we'll remember the pain you took to make our dreams survive and nurture,
by your words by which we try, try and endeavour.

At last i fell in love,
really- really i fell in love; i don't know why, when and how?
I came to know this because of my anxiety,
I started to behave differently and right now i'm more happy

In a room called, life
In a cage called decency,
Chained with innocence, my self respect prisoned me
Cruelly and cleverly locked it with my ego,

Memories are most bonded to us,
more than our shadow
Since they remain with us,
all the time, perhaps forever

Because you can't speak,
i shall see you alive in my words,
because you don't see,
i shall see the world with your eyes


When drops of happiness,
come dancing to reach us,
When droplets of joy
and smiles from sky,

I wish I was a teacher,
so that I can teach myself to understand various people.
I wish I was a writer,
so that I can write my own script in my life!

I can hide your fears,
I can conceal your tears and your nervous feelings.
I can veil up your silly stupid thoughts,
that you have been wearing since years.

Just because I shared similarities with you,
you snatched my words.
Just because I was part of your event,
you occupied my thoughts.

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When You Are Alone, Single And Deserted

When you are alone,
single, deserted or lonely at home
when the climate is silent and calm without any sound
or when you feel that there is no one around,
then when you can experience
presence of darkness and the dark night's essence,
even the tick-ticks of the clock can be heard,
along with the sounds of cricket that never goes tired;
When you are scared or frightened
hair-raised, afraid, tensed or panicked,
at that same time when you hear breeze knocking your door
and the staring of the big eyed owls makes you scared and bore,
the pressure and force of the wind make your curtains fly
and feel that someone tiptoeingly following thy
and your tubelight starts a game with you
getting on and off and on and off and you have nothing to do
then when you hallucinate different images, shadows and voices
and when you badly need someone's presence,
because it is a dark midnight
and your sleep has gone out of the sight;
so, close your windows and doors
and also switch off all the lights with gusto,
Switch on the television, close your eyes
till you can hear your heart-beat, whatever it may say,
Switch on to a horror movie,
increase the volume, then i'm sure and i promise
it's true that you'll never feel that you are alone
or you are the only one at home!

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Problems are like lizards, We get scared, only when we notice them!

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