Feelings: Something Sacred Unto Me Poem by Margaret Alice

Feelings: Something Sacred Unto Me

Rating: 2.9

Promote yourself and your artistry
as an artist I sing of my own liberty
and I will not bow to your demands
that I promote the words I chose to
express my despair, my greatest sorrows,
my highest joys, my overpowering fears

I frame these surging waves in words
that cry and laugh and sing and dance
words that put me in a trance; words
to enchant or hypnotize the mind and
lift the soul beyond this world into
a state of transcendental meditation

The only things I will promote
condescendingly are plastic objects
used without emotional response and
discarded without second thought; but
poetry is something else - I treat it
as something sacred unto me...

Someone Else 12 August 2007

... then why bother to promote if you will promote condescendingly? Is it worth the priceless time to waste on worthless plastic? The rest makes perfect sense.

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Sriharsh Sagi 20 July 2007

very nice poem.. u said it.. d feelin of every poet.. very gud and ur wat 7 yrs old? ? ?

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Marvin Brato 20 July 2007

Poetry is something else- I treat it As something sacred unto me... Excellent expressions of a poet! Many poemhunters can relate to it Margaret as I do! Thanks for sharing. I loved it. Highest mark is what this poem worth.

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Margaret Alice

Margaret Alice

Pretoria - South Africa
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