Feelings: Try To Park Mind Somewhere Else Poem by Margaret Alice

Feelings: Try To Park Mind Somewhere Else

Rating: 3.0

Everybody is laughing and having fun; Idols is
on and contestants are making fools of themselves,
while I’m quietly getting an attack of anxiety done;
feeling completely confused, the stack of books at
my feet threatening me, the old magazines I went
through brought no respite; reading about cleaning
my aura left me feeling blue; you are SUCH a good
cook, the lamb stew was delicious, though it’s too
rich for my system - culminating in a headache so
debilitating, muscles stiffening too, but much worse;
a feeling of total rejection, loss of mind and alienation,
no energy; no understanding, no ability to enjoy life,
just sitting and breathing is out of the question; trying
to escape by reading Carolyn Myss advising to focus
on remaining within circumstances and the current
moment in time; oh no, clever Miss, this moment is
filled with pain and confusion for me – rather let
me try to park my mind somewhere else!

Theodora Onken 26 August 2007

My mind was parked in that very space yesterday morning. Great write, imagination, and thought... Love, Theo

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Linda Weischedel 26 August 2007

I like this Margaret, it is different. I enjoyed it. Always, Linda

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Margaret Alice

Margaret Alice

Pretoria - South Africa
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