Fields Of Purple Bullets And Green Eyes Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

Fields Of Purple Bullets And Green Eyes

if i was in Cali again but for permanent
i would be growing purple bullets and green eyes
by the rows
harvest them by the bushels
sell them by the basket
buy my baskets from the Natives of Southwest as a special request
since the shipping cost is closer
buy my baskets from West Coast of Africa
use the total package artistically
keep Akan and Ewe traditions pumping on a small level affecting eyes when they blink to pause asking
"where you get these from? "
oh I get these from my people of Akan and Ewe and even Ga
to the Natives of Southwest back to Mexico
keeping our ties strong you feel me? ...and the Purple Bullets and Green Eyes i get them from my fields...i plant my rows by the rows rowed across my head x my age per acre Ancestor style
sumting they don't know about and can't feel
cause that culture x mathematics x science..."
don't worry cause i will be owning land in Mexico fasho while keeping on the lookout for hurricanes
even Panama Costa Rica Honduras be on my mind
if you ain't feeding yourself
then fosho i gotsa feed ya and dem kids rite righ?
putting my cousins on cause family business means rotating in and out
geah i need my acres now
with a home suited for nothing but farming and gardening
solar powered and a generator
oil lamps fired so we live like dem fireflies flaring landing on my shoulder cuff
what's up little giant with wings i haven't seen your Ancestors since the year 1997 sundown quicken
i still be feeling those spirits who fallen unable to crossover
stay with me a second before you lightup and leave to travel on the mission you on
walking wid dem lamps on
through the paths to my other depot
i wonder will my cousins ride the night mare I'm going buy specifically for that tract of land
i haven't put my hand on a beautiful night mare mane since 2012
i knew i was a straight ridah while on this journey of mine
i just can't deny it....

Purple Bullets, Green Eyes, Fuzzies and dem Plumps by the rows of fields.... Bout der too....
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