Fiendish Little Circles Poem by Adrian Cox

Fiendish Little Circles

Rating: 5.0

Following footsteps
faintly in the snow,
I've got the scent
I know which way to go.

Fiendish little monster
smells like food.
Over fields, into woods
I look behind every tree.

The scent is strong
I expect it will jump out,
I hear myself breathing
whilst quietly looking about.

Suddenly in my face
a smiling circle with a frown,
I smack him over the head
terminally beat him down.

Left in excited shock
I'm ready to eat,
starting at the bottom
with its candy flavoured feet.

I feel other monsters
watching from afar,
eyes blinking in the darkness
little bar stewards!

Martin O'Neill 06 April 2012

sounds like an Easter Egg hunt on Acid. Loved it.

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Rachel Butler 08 November 2009

'Starting at the bottom with its candy flavoured feet.' Rachel Ann Butler

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Ruth Walters 12 July 2009

Wow! This is evil depicted but don't we all indulge ourselves without the kill at Asda's and Sainsburys; -) Really good and interesting poem which kept my interest all the way through, in fact I'm going to read it again! Ruthy

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Carol Gall 03 July 2009

LOLOL THIS IS GOOD and u said u coulnt write

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Adrian Cox

Adrian Cox

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