Something That She Said Poem by Adrian Cox

Something That She Said

Rating: 5.0

She had so much potential it sometimes got her down,
she didn’t like her work but it got her into town.

It really was a problem but she chose to ignore it,
like clothes that don't fit stubbornly she wore it.

In a mad rush she did a foolish thing,
in a split second a split thought would bring

an indecision she made a silly choice.
She opened up her mouth to articulate her voice.

Across the smoke filled bar room sounds were drunken
as the drinkers sat and chatted slumped and sunken.

Stephanie Fiddy 12 July 2009

wonderful write! pleasent all the way to the end

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 06 July 2009

How many fall into this trap and live to regret it - do we learn...that is the question? Like the composition...well written

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Anjali Sinha 03 July 2009

This sometimes happens-- in a split second we say something which is senseless to the opposite party and then comes unpleasantness.... a thought provoking poem good write -10 anjali

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Mikayla Carpenter 29 June 2009

Nicely wrttien,10++: ] I enjoyed the read.

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James Mclain 28 June 2009

I enjoyed this tid bit of information..yes we have to ignore the ride and get back into town..iip... :)

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