Final Betrayal Poem by Anders Lim

Final Betrayal

I’ve cut my heart open
Slashed my mind apart
If you care about me, do it from your heart

I’ve broken every tie
Destroyed every bond
Caring about you takes so much and beyond

I’ve made you my best
Unchained every fear
What more can you promise if you can’t even stay near

I sliced my soul in half
Just to make you my all
I remembered everything you said so just F***ING RECALL

I’ve killed each affection
Only for you to do harm
So how much more do you want from my outstretched arm

Come to your damn senses
Just try and understand
Stab a few more knives into my bloodied and battered hand

I’ve shed many tears for you
So where’s the love and grace
I did all this for you to spit it right back in my face

You’ll never understand this love
You’ll never feel this pain
I shed my final tear as you leave me stranded here again

Fiona Davidson 19 December 2008

Heartfelt words Anders...enjoyed the read apart from one word in the middle...well written...thank you

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Edward Kofi Louis 19 December 2008

Oh, how much more can you go on this love? Infact, LOVE is not as roses at times.A great piece of work from you.Thank you for sharing it with us. Edward Kofi Louis.

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