Finding Of A Leaf-Clover Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

Finding Of A Leaf-Clover

Silence echos the valley
The sun shining on the horizen
Many search to be merry
For whom lives Lady Luck will be walking in

The grass matted
For each step they take
Alot are the weeried
For each find is always a fake

The search is always exhausting
Sledgehammers banging on their heads
They'll continue on searching
even without rest

'If you try to find luck, '
The wise man once say,
'You'll never recieve it'
Luck usually comes your way

Poor families continue on looking
For they believe lives must see the light
The clover is what they're searching
Luck they believe must make their lives alright

Mother nature sees that these people
Are desperate, driving her mad
To the point where she had enough
For she sees that this is bad

She says, 'The four-leaf
Is a disease to one's mind'
'I shall produce siblings
Under his number, for earth they are confined'

'The four-leaf shall be a mutant'
'Luck is what the poeple should thrive on'
'For this shall be a myth'
'For it shall be gone'

Those who search for the four-leaf
Will bring misfortune to their lives
For those who are fortunate to cross it
May have the luck they thrive


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