Tomorrow In The Army Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

Tomorrow In The Army

The sun shine brightly
As I walk down the street
I am no longer to be taken lightly
For my life is no longer bleak

Walk into a restraunt
With my uniform on
So salute me today
For tomorrow I will be in the army

Training days I have completed
Recalling the memory, I sat down for my last meal
Why poeple make such a great deal
I wasn't saluted yesterday

Ate slowly and watch as poeple stare
Their thoughts in their eyes I can no longer bear
Salute me, for this life won't be wasted
For tomorrow I won't die fighting

I shall stand on my heels
Like a pillar I will stand still
The defender of my country I will be called
I will not crumble and fall

Puttng my life on the line
Defenders of the sky, land, and sea
Salute us, for that I'll be
A proud soilder of the army

Walking to a airport
My footstep turn to echos
For the plane will take the warriors to the fort
It's the peace we are going for

The plane flew across the city
I stare down happily
For this is the past I am leaving
For the future as the defender of this country

As I feel asleep
While the sun shining brightly
Salute me today
For tomorrow I will be in the army

(3-4-10) (Deicated to the Warriors of all Countries)

Ryan Walker 03 April 2010

I loved this poem on my first read, and the second and third reads were even better. Lots of emotion put into this poem and its clearly evident there is an underlying cause to it. (im only guessing though: D) Great work, keep writing strong.

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