Firefly In A Jar Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

Firefly In A Jar

In the lovely night
I lay on my awake to a sight
I see a glimmer at my window
Brighter than summer light

Yellow light mimic sun's power
Beautiful as it flew from the window to my bed
For the sky it lowers
Itself on my head

As brightly as it glows
Beauty it maybe but the fear in me grows
From it shows
The way beck to its home

I stood up quickly
It still rest on my head
Search for a container
I found a jar and its lid

Place the jar on my head
The firefly light still glimmer
Slip it off and places its lid
Made growls, the firefly did.

Firefly trap in a jar
From its home I set apart
Its light still shine
Warm it is, is it fine?

'Light you have dine'
'Lead me away with your ways'
'Put your happiness in line'
'In my jar you will stay'

'Lighten the shadows'
'That fades to black'
Inside that jar is a fellow
Friend. Is happiness that darkness lacks?

Walk the path to it's home
For its light flickering
'Cruelty I have shown you, my heart is stone
'In loniness and sadness you are dying'

Placed the jar down
Opened the jar's lid
'Firefly its me that you found'
'I am not your friend that you have lit'

' I shall set you free'
'Plant a seed'
'With in me'
'Your light shines around my heed'

It's light glimmer from above
'Shine away the darkness that surrounds you'
'You are the only creature the sun loves'
'Use your powers the sun gave you'

'Firefly I wonder'
'I freed your from your trap'
'Are you the light the sun plunder? '
'Are you the light sun lacks? '

'Firefly light your way home'
'Happiness you have gained'
'You are the firefly that glows'
'For you have the power to lead me back home'


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