Finish Lines Poem by anais vionet

Finish Lines

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Yale's friday 'spring fling' was a soggy success - both as a concert and super spreader event. My groove-spirit was dampened by weather and a final I had the next morning.

I pose here tonight, in the chill residential courtyard, on my green sport-brella beach chair, like Canova's Pauline Borghese, relaxed, canned dirty-martini in hand, still untouched by the covid menace - as if I'd taken sagacious care in avoiding it.

The waxing crescent moon is strutting its familiar runway, like a vague, ambient night-light, but what should we expect for free? Maybe it's saving itself for warm, clear summer skies.

I can relax tonight and binge on the moon because the school year is over (for me) .

I'd been in a coffee-fueled study-trench for over a week, finishing my last assignment paper with my last gasp of academic energy. It illustrated what could be crafted in a vacuum void of originality. I filled it with ideas, gathered like runoff-water, from deeper sources and tailored the paragraphs with care, weaving by sleight, the 3D illusions of depth, breadth and substance.

It was very well received. *Taking a bow*

I love the feeling of being done with finals but still living on campus. It's casual, adult and relaxed - close to life as I dreamed it as a kid.

My room is disassembled and I'm living out of my suitcase. Movers will come and cart off our stuff Monday and Leong and I will head south - like wrong way birds. I hate goodbyes but knowing these are temporary helps. Most of my summer will be like one, continuous sleepover.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 8, 2022
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