Fire! Fire! Fire! Poem by Umasree Raghunath

Fire! Fire! Fire!

This is the voice of a fire accident survivor!

Date: 10 April 2014

The Fire that We escaped
The Fire that raged our thoughts
The Fire that stole our peace
The Fire that aroused the fire in heart

The Fire that lit the lights of success
The Fire that showed us new paths of travel
The fire that meant transition
The Fire that meant resurrection

The fire that destroyed all evil
The fire that made us emerge in truth
The Fire that engulfed by comforts
The fire that transformed our lives
The fire that changed our thinking
The Fire that had no motive or meaning
The Fire that still remains a suspense

The Fire that broke as we were asleep
The fire that made us bounce back in leap
The fire that reminded of the dirty minds
The Fire that signifies enormous change
The Fire that is so essential for life
The Fire that makes us move forward

The Fire that killed its own history
The Fire that destroyed evil relationships
The Fire that showed as burning edifice
The Fire that built all new energized lives

The Fire that shared our sorrows
The Fire that rekindled our spirits
The Fire that made our bonding strong
The Fire that made our lives relived
The Fire that still burns as I close my eyes
The Fire that just does not fade from memory
The Fire that makes me pounce on things in rage
The fire that makes me light the fire in the heart to achieve

The Fire, that made us fearless
The fire, that made us helpful to others
The Fire, that gave us strength to face life
The Fire, that made us what we are today
The fire, who ever did it, with sense or not
The Fire, actually did us only good

The Fire, really lit the lights of our lives
To relive, regain and respect life
To feel the blessings
To love and serve fellow humans
To fight for truth and justice
To work hard for success
To aim always high and never sleep
To dream big and dare to achieve
To Fly high, no matter what
To hold our hands and proclaim
That we are a happy family

To work hard and harder
to make our lives the way we want
and not the way
others tried to de-rail our lives
Yes, the fire that was lit on that day
Still burns within us

Feeding the required fuel to work hard
To help others
To be happy and contended
to be honest and truthful
to be at larger inner peace
burning away the bridges of unwarranted relations
burning away the evil minds around us
burning away unhappy memories
burning away bad thoughts
burning away evil

Just bringing in more fire to the hearts
to be Happy and Healthy
to be hardworking and successful
to be having the fire for success
always burning high and radiant
to have the fire in us
to move forward in life
a better life
a happy peaceful life
to be a happy family
Thank you dear Fire!
You made our lives emerge from within!

Monday, April 14, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Fire
Umasree Raghunath

Umasree Raghunath

Eluru, AndhraPradesh, India
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