Firefighter (A Brave Firefighter) Poem by U Win Kyi

Firefighter (A Brave Firefighter)

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As the midnight drawing near,
A huge fire leaping into the air,
Engulfing the houses as it snarls.
It grows bigger and bigger.
Billowing smokes are everywhere.
Alarm bells ringing like a nightmare.
Fire engines start to blare.
Firefighters hurry to dare.
Any effort not to spare.
Fighting like a lion, not a hare.
With courage and sacrifice in dual pair.
Suddenly he hears a piercing cry from the burning stair.
It is from a girl aged only 3 years.
Surrounded by the fire with its sear.
Dashing to rescue her without any fear.
Intense heat has singed his hair.
All the scorches he has to bear.
Then the huge fire reduced to a weak flicker.
Finally the fire put out as he declares.
Then th sky starts to be clear.
Victorious as he stands there.
At a distance that he stares.
The sun rises to appear.
Never, ever would he despair.
People's lives are to his dear.
His own life is what he does'nt care.
His reputation must not be smeared.
To his last breath, his conscience is clear.
Every failure makes him stronger.
Every success makes him humbler.
Truely he is the public's admirer.
At present, this kind of MAN is rarer and rarer.


A powerful image created in these words, and yes, that sort of man is rare.

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